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  • roadrunne98 roadrunne98 Nov 6, 1999 8:05 AM Flag

    I was the fool on the hill

    Inexperience took the toll, but one question
    needs answering. When buying back into a stock like
    this that just jumped, do you wait till it comes down
    some, sometimes they don't, or should I just buy on
    Monday at this price since I feel it should remain on a
    rise? Also , where it the site you got all the info of
    blocks being bought by JBL????The island site does not
    list JBL.Thanks again.

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    • If you want my reccomendation I would not buy in
      now. Buying at the all time high is seldom wise. Try
      not to get caught up in the hype. Most of my big
      mistakes in the market were made doing exactly what you
      asked about. It will most certainly be lower again.
      Place a buy order at your price and wait it out. Im not
      a predictor so i will let you choose it. I bought a
      bunch of JBL this summer at the high of 55 only to see
      it plummett into the 30s and just now looks good
      again. Thats my experience. For what its worth. Avoid
      emotional decisions. ED THE OPTIMIST (PS- if you want to
      see something amazing, look at the recent monthly
      chart for DIGL.)

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      • I may have missed some previous posts between you
        two but I'd rather buy a stock that's setting new
        highs than one that's setting new lows (the old, trying
        to catch a falling knife theory). Hoping for a
        pullback in price can be costly, waiting for it to happen
        and it doesn't. Good Luck whatever you do. JBL has
        been a barn burner. Good Luck again.

    • I think Rosh watched too much 'Dunne TV'. Maybe
      Dunne will have to buy in next week. I hope he brings
      his friends along with him. Problem for them
      is....I'm not selling. Not for 5 years anyway. Just keep
      adding when no one else seems to want it.
      Road have to decide what your time frame for holding
      is to be. o/w you will be trading on emotions that
      certainly will eat into profit potential. Good luck to
      Congrats to all holders. Like ski, I believe....there is
      much more to come.

    • and off to the races again! This is the FLEX and
      SANM buyers looking for another hit and the others who
      mised it getting on board! Who ever mentioned that the
      institutions are late to the party is right but they
      definitely bring the music! Man, feel like telling the boss
      man to take a hike on Monday. I think it will be in
      my bare feet propped up on his desk doing the Monday
      morning status meeting.

      I know its tempting to
      sell, but we could be up another 10 points by the Dec.
      expirations. Track Flex and then take 4-5 points off and that
      is the comfort zone for JBL.

      Congrats to

21.92-0.23(-1.04%)Oct 2 4:04 PMEDT