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  • lead_paint2002 lead_paint2002 Jun 4, 2002 2:14 PM Flag

    c_lafong - or anyone

    Never invested in banks before, I'm just starting to study them. You seem to know a good bit about them. How do you think Valley will fare over the next 2-3 years or so.

    Would it make a decent long term hold.

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    • I said blow me.

    • smelly kid,
      I am not Nitefire. But, I think I am getting under your skin. Stop being so guttural. You sound like trailer trash, are you ?????

    • blow me, nitefire. You lost when you revealed your dividend strategy. joker.

    • Smelly Kid,
      It would appear that you have further problems. Your reading comprehension is below par. You do not understand the written word.

    • since my comments were not directed toward you, it is clear you are the one with the problem. I conclude that you are Nitefire using another alias. Why else would you show up on this board, having never posted here, simply to bash Valley and take Nitefire's side in this tiny difference of opinion. Clearly, you (nitefire) are so decimated by your ignorant post that you can never come back to this board under your original alias. Rather pathetic for a grown man.

      Did you cover yet? Who shorts a bank stock with predictable earnings for 20 years? 99% of stocks have dropped 25% since your Valley short. Yet you chose to short Valley. That must be why you are angry.

    • Smelly Kid,
      As you may notice, I have reinstated you on my web. I did not want to deprive myself of your nasty, insipid banalities. Each of your postings show a great deal of anger. Contact your health care provider as your medication is not helping you, have him make an adjustment. Most likely you are having erectile disfunction. Your health care provider should be able to correct this too. Unless your old lady is so ugly that even Viagra won't help. Hoping to read some pleasant postings from you. (I think we have a better chance for a 10 for 1 split this year and VLY trading in the $85 - $90 range.)

    • where is that twit? Hey nitefire, are you embarrased by that post about how you electronically trade stocks to avoid dividends on your Valley short. Your post is evidence that you are full of sh*t. I suspect we won't hear from you anymore. It was fun teasing you. Enjoy the rest of your summer at camp.

    • Our very own Mr. Nitefire has created, what many have tried since the beginning of time, a strategy to buy dividends without holding the underlying stock.

      Proof of Concept

      <<<I avoid the dividend on the shorted shares by extremely efficient trading for cents on the dollar so it costs me pennies to exit/re-enter the shares the day just before key dividend dates. It's all handled electronically without any real impact to my cost basis>>>

      Mr. Nitefire simply buys a stock the day before it goes ex-dividend(which means he is entitled to receive the quarterly dividend), then he sells the stock the following day at THE EXACT SAME price he bought the stock. He therefore breaks even on the buy and sell(without even paying a commission), yet he still receives the quarterly dividend payment. He, therefore, is able to put up no money, yet receive the quarterly dividend payments on every NYSE stock that pays out a dividend.

      He is a genius. He is now rolling in the money. What a fake. Hehe Haha. Who's the putz? WHO?

    • With this "efficient trading electronically handled" you could generate hundreds of millions of dollars a year purchasing dividend payments without the subsequent decline in value of the underlying stock...

      Take a hike for good you tool.

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