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  • joe30_ch joe30_ch Jan 29, 2002 1:59 PM Flag

    Anyone notice that

    this wallstock.. bastard/scumbag/mother fucker or whatever you want to call him never posts a link of any kind. Instead, he spends all his time pulling out negative portions of articles and edits the date and stock name to RSAS.

    Has anyone reported this short bastard to the board sec.

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    • I've noticed! I can't waste anymore time dignifying his postings as I must go buy more RSAS while it is still at this level. I can't see what the institutions are doing just this second, but if the filings that are on record with the SEC in the EDGAR database mean anything, the big guys liked this stock. Comparing the filing on the 10th by citigroup to their last filing shows that they bought about another 3.5 million shares (totaling 11,293,463 shares)the first week of this year. I could be wrong and I have been before, but when an institution takes that kind of interest in a stock, it's usually not to watch it go down. Not only that but when you have that kind of money in a stock you do better than just Vector vest analisis and read articles off the internet.

    • you fatherless bastard.