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  • jimne48 jimne48 Oct 9, 2009 9:48 PM Flag

    Any one following this Bank?

    I am surprised there is no one posting about UMBF. This is a damned good, Midwestern banking company that has a very long history of successful operation. I will be shocked if they don't come through this financial mess in very good shape. They don't make many poor loans. I wish others that invest in UMBF would join this chat. I am sure there is much we could learn from each other.

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    • This is a good solid financial company. I saw an interview with the company's head on CNBC in the past and was very impressed. I started a small position when it was 38.50 and will continue to add to my position if it remains at these levels or lower. I'm treating this as a long term investment and not as a short term trade. They followed conservative principles and now see the big banks who took risky bets getting large assistance from the fed gov't.

    • I think/hope the very recent Forbes listing of the 50 best U.S. banks--in which UMBF placed second behind one in Hawaii--will attract some national investor attention. Plus, the good earnings they just reported, along with strong overall fundamentals, just might move the stock price to the levels this company deserves.

    • Yes I follow this bank and they have one of the most solid loan portfolios in the banking industry.

      Unfortunately they will be punished for being an honest bank as the government continues down the moral hazard road by rewarding and bailing out the corrupt banks that over leveraged on risky derivatives.

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      • I have, over the past 12 months, loaded up on this stock hoping for a great quarter. Over 3500 shares. But today I cut my position in half. It's a great, well managed bank but the stock just doesn't get the attention it deserves. I am not willing to wait another 3 months to see if Umbf can attract the attention of investors. You would think the Kansas City investment community would be all over this company. Right now it seems to be a play between 37 and 41. If it drops down in the $37 range I will double down again. But for now, there are more interesting trades going wanting.

    • in my opinion it is the best KRE bank. And until the recent fall in KRE it has underperformed the ETF by a decent amount. any purchase you can make in the 38s is money.

    • You are right on. This is one of the best run banks in the country. Stuck to their conservative practices when greed infected and severely damaged much of the banking industry. At the height of the crisis, their CEO was interviewed numerous times on Fox Business and other cable networks. He provided far more insight than the many mega-bank CEOs who appeared and were in a CYA mode. Too bad that few people share their knowledge about this bank, and only very seldomly. So I try to keep up with them by regularly viewing their informative website. I'm convinced UMBF is built on a solid foundation, while many others are built on quicksand.

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      • Corneater, I totally share your view about this company and its stock outlook. UMBF has added another important feather in its cap when SmartMoney this week rated its Scout Intl. Fund as the top foreign fund. This comes a short time after Forbes ranked it the second best U.S. bank. Their CEO Mariner Kemper is outstanding, as are virtually all the key people just under him. And they are a true pleasure to do business with at a time when so many businesses and individuals are fed up with the arrogant banks they've been doing business with. With the well-deserved national recognition they are finally getting, seems they will pick up plenty of good new business.

      • Another reasonably good quarter in a very difficult time. When is this Bank going to get the attention of some real volume investors?

    • Oh yea...Own it. (for quite a while), follow it, there.
      They are going to loose their downtown 'building' here, to a highway, (Collinsville Il.) and I don't know exactly they will move 'it' to. They have several 'smaller' (? wadaya call them) around.
      I personaly don't like mutual funds, but their 'Scout' funds are rated pretty highly.

      he..he..he..ya got to watch who is on the board though...

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