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  • fbg0316 fbg0316 Nov 23, 2010 6:08 PM Flag

    Potential Development

    This is a Twitter message sent out several hours ago by Jason Napodano, the Zachs Research equity analyst who covers IVOB. If true, this certainly would be a great development.

    "$IVOB is in late-stage talks to sign a partnership for its INVOcell infertility device. This is good news for this struggling medtech co."

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    • According to my correspondence with mgt there is developements that are expected to be announced before year end.

    • Just looked through the 10Q and all signs seem to point to further dilution of shares. But, that is after all why they went public, to raise funds. Can't hate them for it, but I can consider leaving as an investor because of it. And it does seem that the Zacks guy sent out the tweet so his buddies could dump their shares. Generally speaking, high volume to the down side is not a good look for a stock.

    • funny how you dillusional lemmings listen to this Zacks idiot who's clearly is wrong and on the take, while ignoring the company's own pathetic 10-Q. Zacks is no different from any ratings agency that got us into this subprime mortgage loan debacle... you want a good rating? simply pay for it.

    • I read the same thing, i believe an announcement will be forth coming before year end when all is signed and in place. Lots of volume today!

    • Thanks for posting! This is very encouraging information from someone who is in the know. Let's hope this is a quality partnership that actually pans out.


    • They have partnerships now and look where the stock price is. Sounds like someone trying to generate a headline so he can dump his holdings. The US has authorized the sale of their product inside the country and China has placed an initial order of 10,000,000 units for a pilot program and follow on orders of 100,000,000 to slow their aging population problem and ease the one-child policy if the pilot program goes well, are the only headlines that will impress me. Everything else is NOISE.

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      • Look at Jason Napodano's most recent report on IVOB - there is a disclosure that he does not own any shares of the company.

        Yes, IVOB currently has distribution agreements in place. Maybe I am reading too much into semantics, but Jason's message refers to a "partnership" rather than "distribution" agreement. A partnership involving financial support to help IVOB conduct the trail for FDA 510k clearance in exchange for some kind of revenue share or royaly payments on future sales would be ideal. There are pharmacuetical companies with dedicated resources to the infertility market, such as Ferring Pharmaceuticals, so a development of this kind is not out of question. We will see.

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