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  • momentum_train momentum_train Dec 2, 2005 10:27 AM Flag

    Insiders sold. Get out of MLR!

    Insiders dumped shares heavily yesterday.
    I was puzzled why the market was up big time yesterday, but this stock was down with heavy volume.
    Just found out that 3 insiders sold shares heavily yesterday.
    Something is very wrong.
    People, get out of this stock. It is no longer safe to own this stock.

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    • People, learn from our teacher, jucojames20.
      Do not buy MLR unless it falls to $15.5!
      Let me repeat for our teacher.
      Do not buy MLR unless it falls to $15.5!
      That is where this stock should be.

    • $15.5 target sounds good to me.
      I will only buy back MLR at that price then.
      Thank you for educating me.
      Educate? Hah!
      Are you a teacher?

    • momentum_train, welcome to the world of mole whacking.
      You sure turn from a pumper to basher in a wink.
      If not for your pumping, would this mole grow so big?
      You are responsible for pumping this inflated mole to where it is now.
      You have the responsibility to whack it back down to where it was.

    • whack moles

      Using simplistic labels like bull and bear are meaningless without assigning a time frame. Over the short term, I was moderately bearish on MLR when I sold most of my position. I was concerned that too many Katrina morons ran the price up to a level that was not sustainable, as I knew that it would mean nothing to MLR's business in the short term and the morons would lose patience quickly.

      However, if I was bearish over a longer time frame why would I continue to hold a significant position? My debate with momentum was an attempt to educate him on MLR so that he would make the mistake of thinking it is a growth company rather than a cyclical. If you look back, my price targets are not much different than his - the distinction was whether the company was going to grow a la a health care company or be cyclical like CAT or JLG. I am still not short term bullish on the stock - I will only add to my position if the stock fills the gap around $15.5 - which to me will indicate that most of the Katrina riff raff will be gone.

      Finally, it is amazing how history repeats itself. There are still some who own this stock when they bought it based on an interview with Peter Lynch in Worth Magazine in the late 1990's in which Mr. Lynch was bullish on the R1 concept. Worth Magazine Buyers = Katrina Buyers.

    • Insiders sell.
      Ugly chart.
      This big mole needs to be whacked.
      Told you guys this stock was hyped up.

    • Cats fight again.
      Jucojames20 did you marry to momentum_train?
      You guys are fun couple.
      When momentum_train was bullish, you were bearish.
      When momentum_train is bearish now, you are bullish.
      Fun. Fun. Fun.

    • A few days did not check this board. What a difference a few days make?

    • Yah, juco, he probably took your advice to sell MLR below $10 and bought a stock that tanked big time, and still thanked you.

      And you are still so foolish to think the conference call still meant anything.

      It could be exactly because they will fail to deliver what they promised in the conference call, and that was why they dumped stocks.

      So fool to think you know more than the insiders.

      The insiders dumped, and you should simple do the same.

    • Thank you very much for the kind words. I am elated that my posts have contributed in a small way to you making a successful investment in MLR. Of course, you deserve 99.9% of the credit because ultimately each individual must filter through the kind of noise spewed by the media and uninformed investors/traders.

      I agree with you about business conditions in MLR - my main concern is on execution. I was particulary interested that the last conference call included a lot of talk about new international orders that could produce a higher cyclical peak for MLR this cycle. I hate this time of year owning micro caps because we won't get any news until mid/late March when the next conference call arrives. That leaves a lot of time for people to act emotional an create temporary dislocations in the stock - patience is a virtue.

    • Juco made money by dumb luck, not by skill.
      And if you think you know more than the top three insiders, you are as dumb as juco.

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