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  • t697863 t697863 Jan 6, 2000 6:29 PM Flag

    Roadone upto old tricks

    It looks like R1 is canning some former owners.
    It looks like one of the bigger guys in the greater
    northwest who was an ax man in the early days of R1. Looks
    like he got his due reward. Once again the towing
    industry has loyalties and it will be interesting to see
    if R1 can do it. So far they've sucked and for all
    those who say that it will take time. I just have to
    say how much? It will take years for this one to
    recover. Thanks and are remember I'm always on my tows
    even though R1 isn't!

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    • don't like risk that is not quantifiable. As an
      investment banker we would tell clients to resolve all
      material litigation so as not to scare off buyers.
      Corporate buyers in particular have a "cover your *ss"
      mentality while financial buyers are more aggressive. I
      don't know of any deal here, but my attennae go up when
      I see nuisance suits being settled.

    • Why?

      It is possible that the mfg. side would be sold off. That was Peter deRoetth's prediction back when he recommended it in Worth last year.

    • can pave the way for a sale of the company.

    • I'm glad that is taken care of! Anyone have an idea of an amount for the royalties? I am glad they settled this, it was somewhat of a dark cloud over the company.

    • Today's announcement of a settlement with the
      Justice Department was the first I had heard of a

      If you are going to have a legal problem,
      this is the one to have. The Justice Department was
      worried Miller had an unfair advantage with it's patents
      and technology and forced them to share (for
      royalties) this knowlege with competitors.

      hope we get in this trouble again.

    • Hey Wolfpak

      Drop the all caps or push your caps lock key.

    • Do you own MLR stock?

    • jerr dan bought dewalt because they wanted to
      increase their exposure in the heavy duty field. Just
      prior to the purchase dewalt was building their first
      rotator. A 70 ton unit for a company in indiana. Before
      the unit was complete the purchase was completed and
      the unit became a jerr dan/dewalt. My understanding
      is that its the only one in the states, there where
      2 more exported to japan i believe and that was it
      for the rotators. If you call a jerr dan dealer today
      they will tell you they do not offer a rotator, and
      alot of the dealers don't know they ever did. Now only
      2 manufacturers offer them miller and nrc. Jerr dan
      however has come a long way and they do make a pretty
      nice unit. Their new composite body makes their heavy
      duty unit lighter but i don't think it's been in the
      field long enough to rate.

    • What do you mean they lost their edge? How are their products compared to Miller's in your view?


    • the nrc unit is superior to anything that miller
      manufactures. Any moving part on the nrc unit has a grease
      fitting, the unit is very well built. It just isn't
      pretty. Miller offers a more refined unit and will price
      it to "make you an offer you can't refuse" i have
      been in the business for over 30 years and have used
      every type of unit,every manufacturer including home
      made pipe booms. The nrc is the best on the market
      today, in the heavy duty field. I still don't understand
      why you would put money in the pocket of your
      competition, buy buying there products.

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