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  • eyeod1 eyeod1 Jun 7, 2005 8:14 PM Flag

    No Stock goes straight down

    As i said on the ecost board "its never as bad as it seems and never as good as it appears"
    Good sales of zen and nomad in europe could boost profits for the next quarter...its PE of 16 is also reasonable with a nice dividend
    Wait and see...........

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    • Well here we are again a month & a half later after I predicted this stock would continue to tank after responding to deceiving pumpers. I hope most of those on the board listened to my facts and advise. I meant it for good investment decisions, not to make investor feel good about their decision (as pumpers do).

      IMHO, if you are not invested stay away from this stock regardless of what it does until earnings. If earnings improve, you should have time to jump on the wagon and get paid. The reason is that this company has had negative earning surprises for the past year.

      Forget about its dividend rate. The last dividend declaration was in Nov. 04. and there after the company took out a $175m loan for marketing operation (cash poor? I'm not sure about future dividend payments, let alone a payment at 6.6%). I agree that the PE ratio is reasonable. Look at this:

      P/E for the S&P 500 between 1936 and 1998 was in the low teens. During bull markets, the range was in the low 20s. During bears, it was roughly 5 to 10. But PE is historically a lousy forecaster of stock prices.

      I wish you and others well with your investments.