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  • kolvac kolvac Jan 5, 2013 11:48 AM Flag

    Acquisition potential

    Here’s my take on Lattice. It would not surprise me if lattice is bought out soon. The programmable logic market is growing. As geometries shrink and logic densities are going up programmable logic is gaining share on ASSP solutions (non- programmable dedicated devices) . If you look at the competition: Altera, Xilinx, Actel . Both Xilinx and Altera are chasing high performance applications because that’s where the big dollars have been completely ignoring their CPLD offerings . It’s been many years since they spent investment dollars on developing a new CPLD device. Xilinx recently announced they are extending the product life on their aging Cool Runner 2 family beacuse I beleive they have nothing new in the pipe and they are not ready yet to delcare defeat. Actel which is now owned by Microsemi plays does well in low power CPLD applications with their Igloo line. They are also strong in the Hi-Rel Rad hard market (aerospace and space level devices) and It’s no secret Microsemi bought them solely for their RadHard offering which is a very limited market. Up until recently Xilinx and Altera have been able to claim they were total programmable logic solution providers. This has changed as Lattice now dominates the CPLD market. And with the rollout of their wafer scale products(no competition) they continue to gain market share in the low power mobile market out pacing Xilinx and Altera in CPLD’s and even competiting now with low end FPGA’s. It would not surprise me if either X or A made a play soon for lattice soon while the stock is still affordable.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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