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  • biggergrove biggergrove Nov 12, 2003 9:31 PM Flag

    Officer's exercise options

    9 officers/directors of TWTC exercised options for 760,000 shares at $10.16, including 280,000 by Larissa, in the last few days

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    • If indeed they did exercise options it should show up on the insiders transaction list. The latest insider transactions reported are 30k shares sold by John Blount on 10/31 and 6k shares sold by John Blount on 11/3.

      Where did you get your information?

      the geezer

    • did they exercise thier option to buy or sale???????



    • So there's either a disastrous quarter coming up, which doesn't fit with what we know, or they anticipate losing their jobs, which fits with a buyout or merger.

      I've been reading that premiums are down lately, and agree that Time Warner holds the cards here. They don't seem quite so desperate for money as they were a few months ago.

      I'd guess if they announce tomorrow, we'd see an offer around 12.95. That certainly would be a disappointment to those of us who are holding for the 20's, but if it's already been negotiated with Time Warner, we've got a done deal.

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      • I'm kinda skeptical about this post, because there's no basis for his information. Even if they did exercise some of their stock options, did they do it for cash or to hold the stock itself.

        I did a little research on company stock options and found this site to be very informative.
        From what I've read, when you execise company stock options, then you are recieving the stock itself at a certain price. Therefore, the stock can be sold or held like any other stock.

        IMHO I think they are exercising their options to hold the stock itself, because it may be the only time that they can exercise them. Could there be a buyout in the works? "Maybe so". If there is one, I hope it would be at around $30 or up.

        Who knows what is going on. All I know is that chart is looking good and that new run is finally on its way. $12 by the end of next week and $15 by EOY.

        "May The Cash Be With You!"

      • your daughter. I hope all is well. Quick question in regards to these options. It states that they are exercisable between 11/04 through 11/10. Are these in a lock up period until next year. My understanding of this situation doesn't look like a bad quarter, but getting a nice severance. I not really schooled on options. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

        Good Luck!