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  • rabies_00 rabies_00 Mar 20, 2011 8:10 PM Flag

    NCT is winding up for take off.

    P/E is rock bottom first of all. Latest 4Q 2010 results indicate strongest quarter over the last 4...197 million net. That quarter has not hit Yahoo Finances reports and numbers yet. We have seen alot of sell offs and profit taking so most of the short termers are out now. Short sales on a stock with this low P/E have their days numbered. The one analyst following this stock (bless his heart) tries to give accurate estimates but NCT continues to blow his estimates out of the water. The balance sheet is but one or two quarters from going BLACK and when I say black I'm not talking about just a few pennies to the good, I'm talking dollars per share. There is a 500M shelf, which is creating some uncertainty, but if it results in positive news kiss this one good bye at this price. In the next four quarters, this stocks B/V should be at least $5/share and with continued earnings growth, $20/sh market value might be coming a little sooner than our current traders are expecting...hence this riduculously low P/E. I know this is an investment company and many traders consistantly eye ball the "Revenue" line on the income statement. Revenue doesn't mean jack to an investor. It's all about the bottom line. Will the dividends return?? I think they are coming. I can not find a shred of evidence from the last 4 quarters that would suggest other wise. Happy sailing NCT investors.

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