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  • pacishka pacishka Dec 16, 2011 9:46 PM Flag

    Call optionexpiration

    Wow, NCT closed in regular hours at 5.01. That means they should call my NCT. But in afterhours was the price 5.00, which would mean that all calls and puts expire worthless this month. I am not sure what will happen in my account on Saturday. Will the broker call it?

    I know that the expiration is automatic, but the calls holder can enter his own instructions.

    I will post here the result.

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    • if you could state whether you sold the option or not would be a big help..either way...if you did sell 5 dollar options, you would have to be worried about getting ASSIGNED to fulfill the obligation of the contract...the amount would depend on how many contracts and the price at close of market on friday...either way im figuring you wouldnt lose much money if any...the open interest on the 5 dollar calls for Dec were about 1200 and volume was only i think it is a wash after the brokers post settlement....question: didnt you see any activity on your board when NCT hit the strike??

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      • LOL .. I really didn't explain correctly. Yes I am short a covered call. I am short calls, but I have NCT shares to cover it. I bought them around 4.30, so I am fine with whatever happens on Saturday.

        Regarding your question: not sure what you mean by "board". But anyway, I had to be at work, so I couldn't watch the market minute by minute.

        Conclusion: as the other person advised, my shares will be called. I hope will buy back for 4.90 very soon!!


    • my broker had previously told me that they call for a penny, and its market hours as the options market is not open after market hours.

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