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  • ronrunoff ronrunoff Dec 22, 2011 10:43 PM Flag

    Is it time to stop doubting me yet?

    Stock has gone down since the dividend announcement....the yield has gone down as the price of the stock went up a bit...and TA (travelcenter america) is up sharply...almost 15 percent since my buy is one more free stock for you guys...VVTV Value Vision TV..owned by NBC airs on your television as SHOPNBC...this one is gonna run hard in the coming weeks...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!...and remember Jesus is the reason for the season!!

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    • It ain't over till Wed; anything can happen. What is your fear on NCT; I voiced mine.

    • Wow, the stock drifts a few cents and you get all atwitter.

      You’re wrong about the reason for the season also. In Celtic Europe, the winter solstice was a gloomy time with only a few hours of daylight, so it was the occasion for a feast to get people's spirits up. The Christian Church decided to co-opt this feast and have been whining ever since that people continue to treat it as a joyous celebration to lift everyone’s spirits during this gloomy time.

      Do you know that the Puritans forbade the celebration of Christmas and that you would be fined a few shillings if you were heard wishing someone a “Merry Christmas?”

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      • Does anyone know anything about this ronrunoff? He sounds like an arrogant idiot. If he were to share his age we could confirm this suspicion. I mean, if the guy is 40 and still working for a living we know he has never had the courage to follow his own wisdom. That's why it rings hollow when he tries to impress others with it.

        Ronny, if you are 40 and still working or the chances are you will be when you are 40 why don't you just observe for a few years and learn. You are not as smart as you think you are. Just apply my simple test of 40. By the way I didn't make by 40 either. I was 41 when my investments were sufficient to allow retirement. That was 16 years ago. I listen much more than I post but someone has to come to your rescue before you do start to follow your own bluster. Then you will never retire.

    • I see that you have accepted my correction to you asinine declaration that the "dividend always goes down when the price rises" by properly stating it as "yield" No, we probably shouldn't stop doubting you, because you lack even basic understanding of stock principles.

    • umm...TA (which i bought) is not up 15% since you called it. It is up 4.4%. You called it at $4.09 and its $4.27 right now.

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