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  • mysonchino mysonchino Apr 15, 2013 1:50 PM Flag

    spin off, weakness and opportunity

    Well NCT has taken a hit today and now is starting to recover. A positive article out today rates it an outperform on the same day it could have been bought at a 4% plus discount. Everytime this happens I add a several cents to the upside as true holders are a bigger part of the picture and weak hands depart.

    I believe by the end of this week, and certainly by the end of the month, much of todays activity will no longer be relevant. GLTA!

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    • Hey Chino, remember this post. You were only .12 off on the share price and the same on the divvy. What's your next prediction? LOL

      4/2012:Come September we should have a 1.00 dividend and another offering. The year end stock price should be around 9.00.

      I am now debating whether I should purchase another 1 million shares. I had planned to but am very worried that the earnings date announcement is late. That alone wouldn't totally shake my resolve and I would jump in for the 1 million additional shares but a black crow flew south in the evening sky on a Tuesday in Omaha Nebraska between 7:00PM and 8:00PM while the local Burger King served an odd number of Whoppers. This has concerned and I will probably sell the 2 million shares I currently own and jump back in when Burger King, the crow, and Omaha reverse this ominous trend. GLTA


    • lunco Apr 27, 2013 9:58 PM Flag

      Good seeing you here Mysonchino. NCT got a little bit ahead of itself. The price now reflects a 10% dividend yield (more or less) assuming we get a combined dividend of 1.06. There should be some modest price appreciation after the split when the dividend(s) actually total this amount. As earnings allow for dividend increases of either or both entities we should see additional PPS increases. This is not a tech stock. It it now selling for approximately what it went for in the last SPO. Slow and steady but better than most is what I am expecting from both companies post split with the dividend increases to justify it. I bought this company for income. I hope to have steady sustainable increaing income for the next several years with a nice increase in pps over time. Nothing has changed.

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      • Well, it looks like the div is going to be 1.11. I suspect that these guys know how important momentum is and both entities will have modest dividend increases at least once before year end. I suspect a 1.19 combined dividend with a yield of 8.5% we should have a 14.00 share price. (if the black crow stays away from the Omaha Burger King) GLTA!

    • savvy buy,,,,dropping like a stone

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