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  • crazyhorse1786 crazyhorse1786 Sep 20, 2013 2:40 PM Flag

    May I ask?

    What is the current dividend yeild with the payment at 10 cents per share? I know I should do the math myself but I went to public schools and am mathimaticaly challenged..

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    • Very simple to calculate actually. multiply .10 x pi (3.1429) x square root of estimated annual sales, divided by square root of cost of goods sold = 39.127% annualized return.

    • I know more of you will put me on ignore, but if you can't figure yield, you shouldn't be in the market.

    • crazyhorse...
      Take the amount of the dividend, (in this case $0.10) and divide it by the price per share, ($0.10/$5.66 = 1.7668% at today's closing price), this is the yield. HOWEVER, most yields are calculated as ANNUAL yields, and so you can multiply the 1.7668% quarterly yield by 4 to determine the annual yield of 7.067% assuming that the dividend remains $0.10 per quarter and $5.66 was paid for the stock. NOTE: there will undoubtedly be some who will point out that this is an "approximate" yield because the quarterly dividends are received throughout the year and not all at once and that there is 6 weeks before the next dividend is paid. They could also point out that I rounded in order to obtain the percentages of 1.7668% and 7.067%. All of these points would be correct, but unless you are dealing in dollar amounts far greater than I deal in the effect is immaterial.
      Hope this helps.

    • If you think they're going to pay .10 for the next 3 quarters at today's price the yield is 7.05%. Those of us that own both NCT and NRZ with the spin off will be getting near 9% at today's prices (combined). It is very difficult to give a definitive yield answer to your question other than the 7.05%.

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      • That yield will change after the next spinoff; there will be some ROC from that if we assume 50/50 in assets, then NCT will trade at about $3, but still generate 10 cents per quarter. That's a huge dividend for an equity REIT. Surely we'll see the pps move up quickly.

        Further, we'll be getting dividends from news business. Again assume $3 per share for that post spinoff; and if they pay all free cash flow as a dividend, we're looking at a minimum of another 10 cents per quarter.

        The future dividends are far more important that the current dividend. I also see considerable pps upside in both companies, especially NCT. Sellers are going to be kicking themselves soon enough. ;-)

      • I have to disagree with you about staying at 10 cents for the next three quarters. I believe we will see a one penny increase in each of the next four quarters.

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