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  • emmylou323 emmylou323 Apr 15, 2012 10:37 PM Flag

    Chinese macro-economics

    "It implies confidence that rebounding March indicators in the first-quarter GDP data - such as a jump in steel production, vehicle output, machinery and cement production and a recovery in sales of household electronic appliances - suggest that the floor in economic activity has broad foundations."

    Jump in steel production is a very good sign for CHGI.

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    • stinking nuclear (off the PowerPoint). Jack lifton said he saw it somewhere near the Yangze.

    • back in March?? Or did he see the RAINBOW?? just wondering. Take ur pick: Jack Lifton oer CEO of BHP Biliton. (On one hand we have a PUMPER who HAS to talk his book vs. a chief executive who just sees it the way it is) I think the market sides with CEO, dont u?

    • Where's nuclear this year 2012? Mgmt hoodwinking u clowns in PowerPoint again. To think u BELIEVE in Powerpoint is all the more absurd

    • Emmylou,

      I too believe that China's infrastructure advance--dare I say boom?--will benefit CHGI. Graphite is the coming strategic and basic material for lots of things. Also, CHGI just might (it says it is) be in the cat-bird-seat as far as Chinese specialized graphite is concerned.

      That is not to say I am without any concerns. Near term nuclear production would really blast things open, in my opinion, and I still hope (but cannot quite see how it can be funded) for a start on nuclear this year. Also, I think it might take longer than we would like for the other high purity products to get traction. Therefore, things might look a bit scary from a production standpoint for the next few quarters.

      Lastly, I hope and believe that some time this year the company will really put on a promotional campaign that brings its potential to the attention of the investing public. That is needed, in my opinion.

      So helpme_hanna

    • u believe in some two bit hedge fund chunp who OBVIUOSLY must talk his book (re: LONG). How can they say otherwise! Kinda like u retail long chumps who see what u wanna see (but of course is not reality). U want reality > CEO of BHP Biliton or some two bit hedge fund chump.