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  • helpme_hanna helpme_hanna Dec 3, 2012 12:09 PM Flag

    emmylou what do think about the graphene press release?

    I guess it could be a boon for CHGI. It would no doubt bring a sizable price. One ounce would cover six football fields, the article said. My understanding is that it is in a very early early stage of development, almost theoretical. I would expect no production for a very long time.

    How can CHGI really be in the graphene business when it cannot even get the production of nuclear graphite and very large ultra high electrodes right? I just hope the company does not decide to put its resources into another will-o-the-wisp (graphene) at the expense of its graphite business.

    It's beginning to look like the company just dreams of things it can do without ever really focussing on what it can actually expect to accomplish. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe CHGI will get all these things right and start to sell some stuff. I hope so.

    So helpme_hanna

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    • I don't see CHGI ever producing Graphene. Graphene production, if it ever exists, requires extremely high purity graphite. If Graphene is ever produced CHGI may supply the high purity graphite it requires.

      My interpretation of the press release is that CHGI is working with potential Graphene producers to supply them with sufficiently pure graphite.

      To my knowledge, no one has discovered a way to produce Graphene on a commercial scale. We are probably years away from even discovering a method for commercial production, let alone the actual commercialization of graphene.

      That being said, in the distant future I believe graphene will become a very important product and a boon for graphite generally. I just would not price it in yet since CHGI's price at this period is solely derived from their ability to produce profitability in the next few years.

      CHGI does not need graphene or nuclear graphite to demand a price 10x todays value. All they need to do is maximize current production for their current products and they will be extremely profitable. That is all they should currently be concerned with.

    • calling all skitzos!! WHERE'S Emmy lou Harris (aka... my other half)? Dont be depressed and in hiding because thy Holy Grail of CAPACITY UTILIZATION (once TOUTED to be 100%) is now less than 50% (and be dropping still), Thats what happens when one (half) spews #$%$! and gets b yatch slapped by reality. How's the DEBT rollover looking q over q over q over q, ad infinity. U claim this is a "good" thing??!! Once again reality is gonna b yatch slap u back into one person - N E V E R a time in the known world when payback doesnt come. Graphene??? P L E A S E... dream on, aint gonna happen before bankruptcy. How do these clowns expect to FUND such grand illusions? REMEMBER NUCLEAR in 2012??!! ... 26 days left for that to happen. Or did it already- some chump from Reeking Alpha outright claims they are the LARGEST pfroducer of nuclear graphite in China ALREADY!! WOW! does this chump know his stuff.

      And to u rainbow chasers who r gonna spew "Chinas latest stimuli" blah blah blah. well this stimuli is BY FAR the SMALLEST one yet. So, we'll see how much flows thru. Just look at CLF to see how much the street believes in a China stimuli.

      Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya

    • It does signal to me that China will work with CHGI.

      So helpme_hanna

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      • To me, it's encouraging, on the one hand, that CHGI has announced that it is "working on a graphene technology research program with the top Chinese institute in that field" but it is discouraging that they didn't mention who it is or what the nature of the collaboration is. They certainly didn't make it sound like a broad working relationship with a formal long term agreement in place. So,,, hard to tell what the fluff/good stuff ratio is here.

        By way of background, I have a sizeable position in CHGI, as well as 2 other leaders in the graphite / graphene space - (ZEN and FMS).