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  • topsnot topsnot Apr 25, 2013 2:32 PM Flag

    hannah sold out all his position after pumpingchgi like crazy?

    26 CENTS????? not blaming anyone, but I am a shnook who read all his posts about chgi. im probably not alone. he wrote with such conviction and facts. what gets me is, he even thought this would be a twenty dollar stock in 5 years (two years ago). now he sold all his 300,000 shares. how could anyone be this wrong. another Chinese POS. "EFF" all the Chinese. the only thing they do good is make "take out" food.

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    • Only a fool believes she sold out her entire position oe that she's been selling since the start of the year. Just go back and read her STILL pumping jibberrish since the year began... is that a sign of one selling??? Of course not. She just wants to save face and make it APPEAR as if she's done the right trade, when we all know she's STILL long as a ding a Long and getting CRUSHED (as all bs artists) should.
      Would have gave her much more respect if she just came straight out and said " i am getting absolutely crushed in my long position?. But since she continues to play the game... i will call her out every single time until she comes clean or chgi goes BK! (true justice for her dont ya think).

      Also, strangely silent her skitzo other half emmy lou harris!! when will she come clean? or will BK be her justice also?? stay tuned

    • Do your own research . Not hanna's fault .

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      • dagger, yup its my own fault......but he/she failed to mention she/he was quitely selling all their holdings while he/she continued to pump this...........and if that wasnt enough, now he/she has no problem saying their sentiment is bankruptcy...........well gee thanks, glad you feel that way now, and thanks for posting that.......the good news is he/she was so wrong before maybe now the company will get bought out.

      • I think Hanna's a chick. Not that it matters, this one was a flyer from the start. Expect a 50% chance, or more, of losing your money if its a flyer. I've learned the hard way to avoid all China stocks. My last one is STV and I'm only sticking with that because the actually pay fat dividends. It's still a loser stock though.