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  • stlbeerman stlbeerman Aug 16, 2005 8:46 PM Flag

    Dividend Machine Part 1

    I have not studied it historically, but I have been around for a few Yorktown distros. It seems there is an immediate drop when the market opens following the announcement. That seems to be the time to buy. Sometimes it dips below the morning after drop, but more often not from my recollection. It did not break into the 50s today on a bad day for energy and the market in general. I would think it will not go into the 50s, but it could. As for MWP, not long ago MWP was trading around half the price of XTXI, I suspect before long it will be trading at 1/3rd as one team is focused on creating shareholder value and one is intent on enriching themselves. One team is telling you will get $3 dividend soon and the other one literally is pretending the GP does not exist.