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  • ex_delhi ex_delhi Dec 19, 2005 12:39 PM Flag

    Yorktown decline about due

    Found out on the SEC website that Yorktown did make a distribution on 11/10 of about 727,500 shares. This leaves them with about 3,000,000 shares. Note the slight decline right after the distribution and then the secondary one that started in early December that we are climbing out of now. If the Yorktown distributees are done selling, this could be the start of a nice run up. That is, until the next divs are paid, when I expect they will distribute again and create another buying opportunity for the rest of us.

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    • Good work ex_delhi

      I am surprised that XTXI did not make an announcement about the distribution, or if they did, it does not appear to have been picked up by any of the wires.

      Yes, it appears that Yorktown IV and Yorktown V own a smidgen under 3 million XTXI shares. That is now down to about 25% of the float. That makes the recent decline a bit more understandable. I guess if they keep up the pace, we can expect 4 more of these dumpings, scheduled about every 3 months. I will be happy once they are done. Tired of seeing them held back for something this trivial. I hope the increasing dividend attracts some more demand to soak up the additional shares that will be hitting the market.