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  • Remember that Yorktown, as we loosely refer to it, is simply, Brian Lawrences investment vehicle. He had numerous partnerships that have all participated in Crosstex's growth (Energy Transfer, before it was an MLP, was the original backer of Crosstex, then they sold their interests to Yorktown). Keep in mind that many of these partnerships have a finite life of say 10 years, so rather than selling everything at year 10, they simply distribute the shares to the original investors. The investors, avoid a tax hit, and a hefty one at that, considering they were investing before Crosstex was public. They are free to sell shares if they elect, or hold them. Lawrenc is not selling, but many of his investors obviously do, as the volume has picked up after these deals are announced. I posted about 3 or 4 months back about the pattern of distributions and the predicted dates of distribution and size. I don't remember what day but someone could dig back through and find them if they wanted to.