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  • ljbpvt ljbpvt May 8, 2009 5:29 PM Flag

    Why XTXI will go Higher

    You bashers/shorters just don't get it.

    You ever wonder why we went up today when the earnings missed it's target?

    Why XTIX is trading higher than XTEX?

    Why we opened up so low and had a mad rush to top?

    Let me explain it simple and clear.


    Market is in buying frenzy. Big money that has been parked on sideline is coming back not wanting to miss this run. Commodities are at is lowest in years. Even though we have not come out of this economic turmoil, sentiments are that we are now moving upward.

    Stock market's price is valued at what it will do in 6 months. Not what it did last quarter.

    Losses were expected, unemployment expected, GDP expected as well as other attributes.

    You have to be a total moron not to make money in this market if you just learn to hold it longer than few weeks.

    I won't be selling mine anytime soon. At least for several years.

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    • I agree and will keep my XTXI. SGY looks better going forward tho.

    • You are right it is all game of the future watching.NG is poised for a big move for next several years so does XTXI.

    • <- repost from google board ->

      some big money can't buy xtex, only xtxi

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      More options May 6, 4:18 pm
      Date: Wed, 6 May 2009 16:18:57 -0700 (PDT)
      Local: Wed, May 6 2009 4:18 pm
      Subject: Re: QELP is an energy stock
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      differences (1) Xtex pays distributions to partners owners pretax, who
      must pay the taxes, even if held in a 401k/ira, so retirement funds
      must hold xtxi. Also xtxi has an arrangement with xtex that increases
      xtxi income and dividends at a steeper rate than xtex at certain
      levels of xtex distributions. That means that when things are going
      well and xtex is raising distribution payouts, xtxi dividends go up
      even more. However, those levels of xtex distributions are a ways off,
      since in March, when management cut all payouts to $0, (forced by
      their lenders in order to pay down their high debt) they stated they
      did not expect any payouts to resume before 2010. I would expect that
      if and when things get back to more normal (not too quickly imho) xtex
      payouts will be biger than xtxi payouts for a while, since they won't
      get to the level that accelerates xtxi payouts for some time. so the
      spike in xtxi over xtex is a mystery to me.

      The other thing going on right now is owners of both are voting on
      revised employee stock purchase (and exchange) plans that have a $3
      minimum strike price (or 120% of recent price) purchase price. the
      former plans had something like a $30 minimum price- realistic a year
      ago, not likely to provide any incentive to employees today (the new
      plans don't include senior management). I am not sure if and how this
      change would cause the kinds of action we have seen in the last couple
      days. I think a poster on xtxi probably has it right, either its pump
      and dump or we will get some very good news in the conference call

      On May 6, 12:09 am, wrote:
      > XTXI essentially operates as a holding company for the limited
      > partnership XTEX, owning about 30% of its equity including the entity
      > that serves as XTEX's general partner. As I understand, certain
      > mutual funds can't own XTEX because they can't own partnership
      > interests, so they trade XTXI, which trades at about twice the
      > volume. XTEX is preferrable to XTXI in that it's dividends are nicer,
      > but for some reason right now XTXI is way outshining XTEX. I have no
      > idea why.

      > On May 5, 3:15 pm, wrote:

      > > good for qelp... but I want to know what the difference is between
      > > xtxi and xtex. They seem to trade close to eachother but are off by
      > > $1? Crosstex Energy is a good buy right now I want to get into the
      > > best opportunity. THx

      > > On May 5, 6:11 am, wrote:

      > > > Jumping today

    • I cant disclose the system on this board... additional competition when I need to execute my trades.....

    • I like the way you are thinking. It is sort of like what haarvardphd was spouting on about what all those chart schemes, (anyone can read them on any of a dozen web sites), were saying how XTXI is not a good buy now. I remember on March 3,2009, when XTXI went into a tailspin and closed at $0.82/share. analysis the next day was a 100% SELL recommendation. Can you imagine that? If you sold at that point, who would you tell? How could you explain to someone, "Well, I did what the computer said do." Good luck trading.

      • 1 Reply to fundamentallyfunny
      • It really is not a sceme

        Date Price Signal Became
        05.07.09 4.100 Sell $154500
        04.09.09 1.940 Buy $73100
        04.07.09 1.870 Sell $73100
        04.01.09 1.640 Buy $64100
        03.27.09 1.910 Sell $64100
        03.25.09 1.820 Buy $61100
        03.11.09 1.490 Sell $61100
        03.06.09 0.8500 Buy $34900
        02.17.09 3.080 Sell $34900
        02.12.09 3.200 Buy $36200
        02.10.09 3.460 Sell $36200
        02.06.09 3.060 Buy $32000
        01.30.09 3.600 Sell $32000
        01.23.09 3.500 Buy $31100
        01.12.09 5.610 Sell $31100
        12.22.08 2.720 Buy $15100