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  • miletius miletius Feb 7, 2010 11:16 AM Flag

    Excellent Shakeout!

    Tow things wrong in your post:

    a) you are talking about the Total Rig count, but you should refer to the NG Rig Count which stands at 833 vs the peak of 1,606.

    b) Yes we are 9% above last year inventory, but then there wasn't a glut, it started after the Winter. And now we have few more weeks of strong cold. The real point of comp will be in 6 weeks when the winter ends (we still have 8 weeks of inventory reductions but the last tow very small).

    You should read carefully the pages 22,23 and 24 in the last week CHK presentation to see what they expect about the production decline and in general the NG market outlook.
    Here is the link