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  • lizahuang54321 lizahuang54321 Jul 14, 2010 6:00 PM Flag

    XTEX outperforming XTXI

    gap is nearly $5 now.

    6 months or so when they started to diverge and I explained why this would continue, all the pumpers on this board said that XTXI would soon 'catch back up' to XTEX because it always had (in their short term memories, at least).
    They didn't want to listen to the logical reasons I gave why XTEX would continue to outperform. Apart from the unit price outperformance, XTEX is going to have a much higher yield than XTXI when distributions are reinstated. Then and now my money is in XTEX, none in XTXI.

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    • Lisa/Liza - Go back to 2003 and compare pps performance till today; XTXI has lost quite a bit less than XTEX, meaning XTXI unit prices have fared much better. Don't know what Divs. and Dist. were during that time, so which overall return was better, but be careful guessing which will have better pps appreciation going forward, because that is all you are doing - guessing.

      Long XTEX & XTXI

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      • Different company now after the divestitures.
        And that is precisely the point.
        With lower cash flow, XTXI will get a smaller piece of the pie due to the tiered IDR structure.
        If you take the time to understand how much money flows from XTEX to XTXI, it is very clear that XTEX will perform better over the next few years.
        I'm not trying to predict long term.