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  • lizahuang54321 lizahuang54321 Jul 16, 2010 11:48 AM Flag

    XTXI will Some day Close the Gap Lisa

    So far my predictions from about 6 months ago about XTEX and XTXI prices have been spot on.

    Whereas your stupid repetition for 6 months of XTXI going to $16 short term hasn't exactly worked out, has it? Easy to see who has been correct and who has been SO wrong it's a joke.

    It's all based on expected yield. According to Wells Fargo, XTEX is expected to introduce $1.20 annual tax deferred distribution. XTXI expected to introduce a 0.40c dividend taxable at top ordinary income rates (>39%). When you take into account the tax advantages a holder of XTEX will get 4-5 times as much income as a holder of XTXI. As MLP investors are income investors, it it easy to understand why XTEX will outperform. XTEX will be priced at approx 10% yield.

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    • P.S. What happened to your famous chart showing that XTXI would be going to $16 within a few weeks? Haven't seen you posting it for a while. You used to post it several times per day.

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      • I don't follow this board but I do trade this co and xtex. So I'm not familair with either one of your or your past posts and predictions. I couldn't help chiming in. To the original poster. You can't honestly think xtxi will close the gap. I mean, that's ridiculous. The writing is on the wall how can you not see it? It's not a bad company it's just not going to be equally valued. period end of story. and to lisa. If this guy can't see that? why argue with him...there's obviously no hope. He's delusional