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  • loucat_2000 loucat_2000 Aug 6, 2010 7:58 AM Flag


    Looks like they are coming early !!

    The Partnership and the Corporation are providing updated 2010 distribution and dividend guidance to reflect continued positive results since the original guidance was issued in March 2010. The Partnership’s financial guidelines, which govern its considerations as to the timing and amount of any future distribution payments, include achieving a ratio of total debt to adjusted EBITDA of less than 4.5 to 1 (pro forma for the payment of any distribution), sufficient coverage of any distribution from cash flow so the Partnership can continue to move toward its leverage goal of less than 4.0 to 1, and a positive outlook for its business. Assuming the previously announced range of adjusted EBITDA and distributable cash flow guidance, the Partnership now expects it will generate sufficient distributable cash flow to distribute $0.25 per unit for the third quarter of 2010, payable in November 2010, with strong coverage from cash flows. Assuming the receipt of distributions from the Partnership at this level, the Corporation expects it could pay a dividend of $0.07 per share for the third quarter of 2010. The payment and amount of any distributions and dividends will be subject to approval by the Boards of Directors of the Partnership and the Corporation and to economic conditions and other factors existing at the time of determination.

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    • s-sibley@sbcglobal.net s-sibley Dec 17, 2010 11:05 AM Flag

      Click on his name and you will see that Pos is in hiding. This is why you shouldn't go talking smack when you don't know your stuff.

    • Hey pos idiot xtxi holders will receive a dividend of .07 per share. Why can't you understand this. Its not much but very simple. Its not Santa Clause its a friggin .07 div to be paid on Nov.12.

    • s-sibley@sbcglobal.net s-sibley Nov 5, 2010 11:51 AM Flag

      Soooo...we see that distributions were resumed. How did this happen? Does Liza deserve an apology?

    • Uhm, madam, I don't give a rat's A** about your personal gains. Congratulations, but it is yet another diversion tactic on your part. I contend that MLPs can not pay a distribution when their EBT is negative. You countered that most MLPs have a loss and pay distributions year after year. I debunked that baloney with data that showed only 6 MLPs out of 51 had a loss in the March 10 quarter. You countered that you have personal gains in some of the MLPs that reported a loss. Congratulations on that, but it doesn't have anything to do with the topic at hand.

      And don't get me wrong, I am not going on the hook to say that XTEX won't pay a distribution in the 2nd Q. I am just saying that they could delay it if things don't go as planned. Crosstex management could have said "We WILL resume our distribution at the end of the 2nd Q." Instead they used the weasle word "anticipated" to give them a way out if things don't go as planned ("anticipated"). It isn't as if that never happens. Companies that have paid dividends for years and years - something happens that wasn't planned and they suspend their dividend.

    • p.s. you missed CEP. After Q4, CEP will be the only non-shipping MLP not paying a distribution. I don't have confidence in CEP being able to resume distributions soon (reasons posted many times on the CEP board). Feel free to go over there are comment. You'd make a lot more sense making your comments about CEP than about Crosstex.

    • "reporting a loss that did not pay a distribution...in the last category are APL, KSP, OXF, and XTEX. The 2 that reported a loss and did pay a distribution are EROC and RGNC."

      Don't you have anything better to do?

      APL have announced resumption of distributions starting in Q4. They are in a strong position now. Have you seen their unit price lately? I am up over 100% in a few months on my most recent APL purchases, up >400% on earlier purchases and will be getting >20% distribution in a few quarters.

      KSP is a shipping MLP, I believe. I don't own or follow those.

      OXF is a brand new coal MLP just IPOd weeks ago. It is too early for them to pay a distribution. First target distribution is Q3. I have done some research on OXF and found them lacking. There is some doubt they will be able to pay their target distributions, however not for the reasons you state. See my posts on that board.
      Not investing in that one.

      XTEX are doing fine and will be paying a distribution next quarter. I am up >100% on my XTEX holdings and will be getting >20% yield when they resume.

      EROC are also resuming meaningful distributions in Q4. They have recapitalized and look OK from now on (however could have had more potential if they did not do the recent recapitalization transaction). I am up >100% on my EROC holdings and will be receiving a yield >20%.

      RGNC is doing fine and is mostly fee based contracts. That is a prime example where you are just plain WRONG. They have good distribution coverage and have never been in any danger of cutting. I own RGNC and have significant gains and getting ~15% yield.

      I own 4 of the 6 you mentioned...am up >100% on average on all of those 4 and getting average yields on my holdings (after Q3/4) of 15-20%.

      I own ~45 MLPs and royalty trusts and receiving ~$100k per year in distributions. For example, VNR I am up >500% and getting 45% yield based on my purchase price. Why don't you bash them?

      Sorry, I am not impressed with your ignorant rants. You are looking like a fool really. MLPs are probably the best investment vehicle around.

    • Again. They would never say such a thing unless they were ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN.
      No way they would set expectations and then not follow through. That would be disastrous and management know that.
      I have been following MLPs for years and can tell you that for sure.

      Go back to your Intel and Apple.
      You clearly have no idea about energy investments and MLPs in particular.

      What are you doing here anyway? Just shown up to dispute the conference call? Don't you have anything better to do? Go get a girlfriend or something.

    • Sorry I miscounted. CLMT also reported a loss last quarter and has a dividend yield. I can only speculate this is because they were profitable in the Sep 09 and Dec 09 quarters and the Mar 10 quarter was their first loss. The dividend yield is based on the TTM.

      Corrected summary

      Number of MLPs: 51

      Number profitable in Mar 10 Q: 44

      Number reporting a loss in Mar 10 Q: 7

      Number reporting a loss that also paid a distribution: 3

      Number reporting a loss that did not pay a distribution: 4

    • OH no, my little girl you are making a fool of yourself. Quoting Crosstex management

      "we are updating our distribution guidance to advise that we anticipate restoring our distributions and dividends at the end of the third quarter"

      Anticipate means that they "expect". It is not certain. If they make money next quarter, they can pay a distribution. If they lose money next quarter, they will not pay a distribution. Simple as that.

    • Ms self proclaimed know it all said "Virtually all the MLPs show negative eps like this yet they continue to pay (and often increase) distributions year after year after year. The critical metric for MLPs is dcf not eps"

      Here is a list of all MLPs that I could find that have an income statement. The columns probably won't line up properly when I submit this message so here's a summary.

      Number of MLPs: 51

      Number profitable in Mar 10 Q: 45

      Number reporting a loss in Mar 10 Q: 6

      Number reporting a loss that also paid a distribution: 2

      Number reporting a loss that did not pay a distribution: 4

      The 4 in the last category are APL, KSP, OXF, and XTEX

      The 2 that reported a loss and did pay a distribution are EROC and RGNC. EROC reported a small loss of 0.06 and RGNC reported a small loss of 0.03. EROC's income statement shows a net profit of $3.9 million and RGNC shows a net profit from continuing operations of $7.3 million. Without going deeper into their financial statements, I will not speculate why the EPS is negative but clearly your assertion that most MLPs show a loss is a bunch of friggen bullcrapppy.

      Further, this discussion relates to whether XTEX can pay a distribution when they are losing money. The discussion is NOT about how to value MLPs. You are attempting to divert attention from my point. As I've said, I don't put up with crap from you or anyone else on the internet. You can kiss my grits, girl.

      Ticker Last Mkt Cap Div Yield EPS Mar 10

       APL $17.70 $941.7M - -0.12

       APU $44.78 $2.5B 6.10% 1.8

       ARLP $51.84 $1.9B 6.20% 0.98

       BBEP $16.60 $884.6M 9.40% 0.29

       BPL $65.45 $3.3B 5.80% 0.92

       BWP $31.30 $6.0B 6.60% 0.39

       CLMT $17.81 $574.0M 10.30% -0.36

       DEP $28.10 $1.6B 6.40% 0.38

       DPM $34.70 $1.2B 7.00% 0.59

       EEP $57.04 $5.5B 7.20% 0.64

       ENP $19.28 $872.7M 10.10% 0.29

       EPB $32.64 $4.0B 5.00% 0.53

       EPD $38.28 $23.7B 6.00% 0.5

       EPE $51.18 $7.1B 4.30% 0.55

       EROC $6.10 $341.4M 1.70% -0.06

       ETP $51.05 $9.6B 7.00% 0.74

       EVEP $36.73 $748.3M 8.30% 0.44

       EXLP $25.71 $613.5M 7.00% 0.05

       FGP $24.80 $1.7B 8.10% 0.46

       GEL $21.27 $841.9M 7.20% 0.06

       GLP $23.98 $313.4M 8.20% 1.06

       HEP $47.46 $1.0B 7.00% 0.36

       KGS $22.88 $281.7M 7.40% 0.2

       KMP $68.80 $14.2B 6.30% 0.43

       KSP $6.07 $116.1M - -0.59

       LGCY $24.37 $850.1M 8.40% 0.28

       LINE $30.25 $3.9B 8.20% 0.36

       MMLP $32.24 $468.7M 9.30% 0.11

       MMP $49.80 $5.3B 5.90% 0.6

       MWE $35.34 $2.3B 7.20% 0.32

       NGLS $26.52 $1.6B 7.80% 0.14

       NMM $17.76 $656.0M 9.40% 0.39

       NRGY $43.37 $2.8B 6.50% 1.09

       NRP $25.56 $1.7B 8.40% 0.24

       NS $59.77 $3.2B 7.10% 0.19

       OKS $69.99 $7.1B 6.40% 0.57

       OXF $17.24 $177.2M - -0.95

       PAA $63.48 $8.6B 5.90% 0.77

       PVR $23.97 $1.2B 7.80% 0.16

       RGNC $26.00 $2.4B 6.80% -0.03

       SEP $34.40 $2.7B 4.90% 0.46

       SPH $48.67 $1.7B 6.90% 2.76

       SXL $76.95 $2.3B 5.90% 1.06

       TCLP $43.84 $2.0B 6.70% 0.71

       TGP $35.02 $1.5B 6.90% 0.34

       TLP $32.23 $347.5M 7.50% 0.53

      TNH 94.88 1.7B 10.20% 1.82

       TOO $23.34 $705.4M 8.10% 0.53

       WMZ $34.82 $1.1B 3.80% 0.35

       WPZ $46.50 $2.4B 5.70% 0.61

       XTEX $13.22 $656.9M - -0.81

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