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  • chip.tilley chip.tilley Jan 11, 2011 9:33 PM Flag

    where's our february dividend...?

    Anyone know if we're getting one...?

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    • the divi was raised a who really cares...and selling at market will change a penny or two when a person places it..its not a conspiracy..ive shorted xtxi for a while and made $ ..luckily i was long ahd but sold and made just a tad more..xtxi is really good imo at this price..

    • ? for you or anybody with a thoughtful response.. This stock has low volume pretty much everyday. I find it hard to believe that retail people are selling shares at the rate that we see almost daily and for several weeks maybe even months... so if its not retail selling shares, who is? Are stocks like this traded in a different manner than those with higher volume.. I noticed when I bought some shares several weeks back, I would place an order at the going price and it would immediately be raised up a penny or two and not be filled. That implied to me someone was taking a position lower than me to capture the spread. Ive seen this happen before but infrequently. Can anybody explain that phenomenon and why this stock may be targeted for such trading activity. It's made me cautious about buying more shares. thanks in advance.

      Based on the I hub trading screen, today this stock had 46,744 buys, 91,848 sells and 12,835 shares which traded somewhere in-between the bid and ask... who could be selling and just before an exdate for divi distribution especially when the divi % was just raised. I'd like to understand that phenomenon because it seems perculiar to me. Thanks

    • yes and did you notice this morning's increase in payout.

      percentage wise XTXI is the place to be when the payout is on the rise. obviously this is because of the IDR's.

      the game has now changed in the relative outlooks for the two names until they are merged together.

    • Did you all notice the recent insider acquisition of shares for both XTEX and XTXI?

    • depends how long they wait. more expensive to XTEX over time without question.

    • Not sure if I quite understood. The distribution amount will be announced together with the ex-date.
      Don't think there are any regulations about it...a few MLPs have been known to announce a distribution increase one or two quarters in advance. For example EPD announced the amount of the February distributions months ago. I guess when they do that, it is subject to change, but realistically once announced it is very unlikely to be rescinded. EROC also gave guidance for this quarters distribution, a quarter in advance. But usually the announcements come 2-4 weeks before the payout dates which are mid Feb, May, Aug and Nov.

    • Thanks...

    • well it won't be share for share given the current dividend or distribution amounts but as time goes forward and the IDR's cause XTEX dividends to increase much more rapidely then the price to XTEX will rise.

      probably cannot announce anything until the fourth quarter numbers are published and an outlook for 2011 is given. suffice to say the longer it goes the higher the price of XTXI will be. why do you think Harbinger owns 10% of XTXI versus a position in XTEX.

      finally, BX is a huge investor is XTEX but without controlling the GP (XTXI)they simply are a preferred but passive owner. it is in their interests as well to get this deal done soon so as to pay the least amount.

    • Thanks, Liza. There has been speculation of raising div/dist.... I am curious from a regulatory standpoint, when the announcement would be made? It would seem that in an earnings call or news release that gave advance notice by a quarter? I am making this confusing... Could the div. date be announced, and at the same time say that we are increasing the amount by "X" effective immediately?

    • It's still only January.
      Why would you expect to receive the February dividend in January?

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