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  • Kilroy_spoke_here Kilroy_spoke_here Jun 24, 1999 11:03 AM Flag

    Smart Money article, page 94

    is a really good article about IST, as shared on
    this board last week. It's too long to copy but I
    would heartily recommend the article to everyone.

    Among other parts of the article: "The cheapest steel
    producer out there is Ispat International, a company that
    offers the best leverage for a turnaround in the entire
    sector - and is probably the largest steel company that
    you've never heard of". amen. "trades at a P/E based on
    next year's earnings of less than 6". amen.

    Folks - as soon as this stock is re-discovered, we're
    looking at a minimum of $20 per share. Not bad.

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    • I kinda recall $28/share.
      $12 is a long way away from $28.
      A low of $6 is also quite a drop from 12.
      Be carefull!!!!
      Not bearish...I know a little about the steel industry.

    • Nice volume, today, and a nice increase in the stock price. We're getting close to the recent highs.

    • No, I wouldn't take any bets on a stock price.
      The analysts may have awakened and are beating their
      drums...magazines flout the stock, too....who cares?

      back, have a cigar and nice glass of scotch, and forget
      about IST. Come back in a year and maybe your
      15...20...25 will be here. Short term? no. IST is a pure long
      term play...if you want the fast plays, go with MSFT
      or the like.

    • The company is strong now and well positioned for future growth. Predict we'll see 15 next week and 20 in a month-once people realize the potential.

    • IST is a long term hold, and their strength has
      been buying assets for 30c on the dollar.

      know the Mitttal's personally and have complete faith
      in their drive to be the cheapest steel producer in
      the world, whilst making a profit.

      The patient
      will be well rewarded, just look at all the analysts
      comments for this stock.

    • The absolute best time to buy a stock is when
      it's beaten down as is IST. This is a long term
      investment, where the holder of these securities must simply
      buy and hold.

      Do you seriously think that
      steel is going to be out of favor forever? Isn't it
      logical that the big, sluggish, unionized American mills
      can't compete?

      IST is the biggest bottom fisher
      of all, picking up opportunities as they arise,
      nurturing them, and producing product at prices far below
      typical American prices. They are in no rush to become
      well known and "attractive" as an investment. To the
      contrary, the Board continues to authorize stock buy-backs
      to the extent that this will eventually be almost a
      private company.

      IST has fabulous cash flow and
      earnings when all the others are crying about import
      quotas, dumping and every other excuse

      So look for the long term. This will be a $35 stock,
      again, and I for one, am patient and will enjoy the
      capital gain..

    • Well, I must admit that the 'Smart Money' article
      first facilitated my interest within this company. As I
      further investigate this company though, I must say that
      there are numerous external factors which the
      organization has to contend with. Aside from a global
      recession and falling prices for steel, IST is facing
      increased competition from global suppliers, willing to
      dump at any price. This is a dangerous mix/environment
      to buy, especially for such a volatile company.

      Smart Money was stating P/E of 6 based on PROJECTED '99
      earnings. I never liked to base PE on projections.
      Projections are many times off target.

      At 7, this
      company was a buy. At 11 I am hesitant. I will probably
      get in, but not at 11. I see a dip under 10 coming
      soon. At this time, I may get in.

      Any work yet
      on Next months earnings?


    • Thanks for your evaluation on the Smart Money
      Article. All the stocks I have bought through reading
      Smart Money articles have done well but you're right in
      that the price that they quote is about two weeks old
      and they do not always give a full analysis of
      companies they recomend. I did go ahead and buy in today.
      IST has a great growth rate and a low P/E.

    • The "smart money" got into IST in the 7 dollar
      range. When the magazines and business shows start
      pumping the stock, that means the "smart money" is
      wanting to get out. They generate excitement to draw the
      "dumb money" in to keep the stock up while they sell
      off their shares.

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