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  • picsantee21 picsantee21 Oct 16, 2012 8:13 PM Flag

    10 prime military contractors finish in the GREEN today,for the day.

    This has been a long time comingfor all of them to close the Day on a ++++++++++ for the day. KTOS won Top Percentage Gainer at 2.51%, BA+1.70%,RTN+1.61%, GD+1.60%, NOC+1.30%, SAI+1.01%, LMT+0.94%, DRCO+0.46%, HRS+0.21%, CUB+0.06%. Ten in the green for the day. So far in October Ktos has won top Percentage Gainet 4 times Oct 3,11,15,16. BA won on the 9,th 12 th ,.DRCO won on 2,nd 8th,, CUB won on the 10th, HRS won on the 5th, LMT won on the 4th, and GD won on the 1st. This now is starting to appear that KRATOS just could be getting a interest and it also could be getting a few of the BIG PRIME MILITARY CONTRACTORS LOOKING AT WHAT IS KRATOS DOING to be able to fare so well in these very troubling budget days that are here right now , Would like for KTOS to continue being the BIG DOG in being the TOP PERCENTAGE GAINER , especially at being at such a reasonable entry price range . Next few days should get some word on just when 3rs quarter earnings report will be held on and time fof CONFERENCE CALL answering and explaing on what is taking place currently and that could be coming up for the benefit of current share holders or potential new share holders, I still expect something to be announced this week and could see it on Monday October 29th 2012 , last year 3rd quarter earnings report came on November 3rd 2011, see what takes place but one thing is just to keep on going on up in the share price structure. Just a note from Picsantee, Pics.

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    • Oct 23 , EDR,PB,TWISTER, Why do you always revert back to the past tense YEARS 8or 9 years ago in your current comments, ????? ont you remember at that time KRATOS was WFII, and now in 2012 and now is KTOS/KRATOS a GENERAL PRIME MILITARY CONTRACTOR, where have you been hiding for all of these past years ?????????, Come on now and upgrade into all of the new DIVISIONS that are currently a PART OF THE KRATOS BUILD UP PLAN, this has taken some time but it is on the way nowand can be seen by the GROWTH from a little 200Million dollar company into a current valuation of APROX a BILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION with over 4400 EMPLOYEES with top security level clearences by aprox 85% , now give or take a little on either of these two issues. BOTTOM LINE it has no resemblance of what it had consisted in the way back years you seem to always be refering to in the decade of past time. KTOS/KRATOS has gained a respectful and bacame a major player and in several platforms and arenas that the current MILITARY PLATFORMS LIKE , they BUILD, MANAGE and supply so many products and have the EMPLOYEES to be capable to deliver the end services and needed and at the price ranges needed to fit new guide lines for the winning BIDS for services and building products . Just a note showing YEAR @)!@ , which could still hit Double Didgets or at least be up by year end of 2012 of hitting a gain over 30% of year enduing closing price on DECEMBER closing PRICE of 5.96 a SHARE, all Kratos would need to do that would be to close the year at or above 7.75 Dollars an cents a SHARE . I think even YOU could agree that this could be accomplished, if you see this as a possibility take the heat out of your continous negative long past history from so many years long ago and at least give some favorable comments that could assist in FAIR COMPARISONS to all of the rest of the 9 other MILITARY CONTESTANTS THAT WE ALL SEE IN OUR DAILY COMPARISONS ON WHAT IS TRANSPIRING WITH US ON A CURRENT DAILY BASE and YOU NEVER ATTACK ANY OF THESE OTHER 9 military contractors, you just seem to single out KRATOS , just get into year 2012 which is current . Just a note from Picsantee, Pics

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    • Pics, I have watched this board for some time now and have been very quite. Could you explain why you hold such excitement, such enthusiasm, such fervor for Top Percentage Gainer of the day? What does it really mean? A $5 stock and it's daily price increase has no comparison to a $75 stock, they just don't correlate, simple math. So what if the price goes from $5 to $10, a 100% increase, what does that have to do with $75 stock and it's price? Selecting TPG as a measure of excellence is just dumb and doesn't have any merit.

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      • "Could you explain why you hold such excitement, such enthusiasm, such fervor for Top Percentage Gainer of the day? What does it really mean?"

        Lowshear - it is nothing more than a stupid 'contest' that a pathetic long started when KTOS started the year with a couple of days with strong % gains. Meanwhile the stock has underperformed nearly every stock in the 'contest', but Pics cannot resist posting daily results. In previous posts I've pointed out the meaningless nature of these daily updates, but they've fallen on deaf ears, so the nonsense continues. I guess when you're down 80-90% on your investment you need some form of entertainment. As I said, pathetic!

      • lowshear, Thanks for your inquiry and let me simply refer you to a very through explination . see a post made by Picsantee on Sept 22 at 7;59 pm titled 10 general prime Military contractors , also again on same link on October 8th at 11am and see where I bring share price figures in dollars and cents per share from January 3rd 2012 until September 21 2012 , The information explaines several ways to determine your actual gaines on actual amounts invested by converting the actual dollar valuation that is based on an actual share and the amount of actual shares held at any amount invested that would be accountable. hope this in some way alloes you to determine different ways one is able to establish actual gaines and multyplying by actual investment made and price paid for that certain stock . Just a note from Picsantee, Pics.

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    • KTOS+4.20%,RTN+0.76%, GD+0.65%, SRI+0.54%, HRS+0.38%, NOC+0.34%, LMT+0.22%, BA+0.20%, CUB-0.22%, DRCO-1.23%, 8 finished in GREEN, 2 finished in the RED.. So glad to see KRATOS win top percentage gainer for the day , actually it is the 5th time in October . now we see what tomorrow may bring . Just a note from Picsantee, Pics.

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    • I was also looking at CHKP and FTNT, as IT/ cyber-security plays, CHKP down 13%, FTNT down 20%,

    • are you in all of them of just KTOS? is your strategy for cyber-security or spec on buyout? I was in PPA etf closest thing to getting the full exposure, I am holding out because of budget cuts, do you know of any plays here that also have good exposure with the banking/ financial exposure, we cannot rely on companies that just have defense contracts. Thank you for your response in advance.

      Semper Fi,

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      • Brookly 91. Thanks for your post and my answer is of the ten general prime military contractors I only qwn shares of KRATOS / KTOS..directly. You know mutual funds hold several types of shares and are managed for me so I really dont know if others could be there somewhere. LONG RUN holding for a MERGER,BUYOUT would be fine . I usually hold KRATOS till a Annual meeting which if local I attend. I go to see and hear direct from board members and and accounting members and officers of company and any and all others in attendence . I revue my notes and decide to stay or leave . I have stayed several years now and have seen a very favorable turnaround under ERIC DEMarco Leadership. Some rocky years were there however his abailities were able to BRING us thru them and currently have put us on a very favorably course for a MERGER or a sell out or continue building with all of the MFG DIVISIONS and MANAGEMENT Divisions that are valued by the MILITARY DIVISIONS , ARMY

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