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  • malp2010 malp2010 Nov 15, 2012 2:17 PM Flag

    Successful wireless companies, AMT, CCI, SBAC trading at or near ALL-TIME HIGHS

    AMT - American Tower Corporation - About $1 from an ALL-TIME HIGH

    CCI - Crown Castle International Corp - About $1 from an ALL-TIME HIGH

    SBAC - SBA Communications Corp - About $1 from an ALL-TIME HIGH

    Then there are the UNSUCCESSFUL wireless companies and their FAILED TURNAROUNDS

    Wireless Facilites/Kratos with the FAILED CEO, ALL-TIME LOW demarco

    demarco could not run a SUCCESSFUL wireless company so he sold it.

    demarco then invested about $400,000,000.00 in his FAILED government services business

    demarco has said that the FAILED TURNAROUND, cost the shareholders to date OVER $147,000,000.00 in BADwill writedowns and according to demarco the business is still sinking.

    Now the current FAILED TURNAOUND, funded with a HUGE AMOUNT OF JUNK DEBT, $658,000,000.00 at 10% with MULTI STOCK DILUTIONS

    How do I know that the last turnaround has FAILED?

    The market tell us all

    We are trading at ALL-TIME demarco LOWS

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    • Malp2010, Nothing has failed, at Kratos Headquarters,right full employment over 4400 loyal high top security clearence level 65%, This is outstanding, Kratosa is developed and functing at very efficency levels, actually Kratos assists in several overseeing programs for the different government high level security programs, there called Black programs. st look at the very solid base now of KRATOS and see all of there inner Strengths, get or find a pair of seeing Glasses will you ??? You have seen in the way back past complications that had to be resolved and it took many many years to finally get a clearence slate and be compleatly allowed to proceed as the now current BOD and MGMT and you know all of this . Finally the BLESSING of all the Government divisions have given this current complete clearence for ther total COOPERATION in resolving long past issues. So Please quit going back to all of those closed out prior issues THEY HAVE ALL BEEN TOTALLY RESOLVED and now this current MGMTwho cooperated are now allowed to proceed and are now given all of the assistance that is possible to allow and give. . Kratos right now is on the Verge of becoming a Billion Dollar company and they have the SOLID BASE and MGMT to accomplish this. Money issues always can easily be re done if need be before a offering should be made for sections of current Kratos or Mergers with different sections of Kratos or taking Kratos private , But The true Valuation of all of the not discussed arenas and secret platforms that KRATOS could be part of would come into play. You dont seem to see any of the team players worrying much aboute things do You , maybe its because they know what TEAM KRATOS IS DOING , You see all of the KEY PLAYERS ALWAYS COMING TO KRATOS for INFORMATION , I ask You WHY do the come to KRATOS FOR SOLUTIONS ????? in shortthe answer is KRATOS HAS THE SOLUTIONS and is part of the SOURCES for the solutions , Who do you think has as many answers as KRATOS HAS???or is APPROVED with PROFF of success on so many different problems that have been resolved by team KRATOS. . Malp take of your health dont get to excited or critical when even YOUR statistics just could be wrong and are not giving the real beneath the scene of what really is going on at Team Kratos Head quarters, all due to top security. Just a note from Picsantee, pics as for me Im at least staying till i complete this annual year in 2013 at the annual meeting , which go to and hear what actually is taking place and see eye to eye to determine if I should stay another Year , so far These past years IO have witnessed the SOLID BASE of a government Business that loves KRATOS and have seen several other troubled companies come to kratos and make offers that are reasonable for kratos to be able to acquire all of them and ther solid team of solid employees all with very savy information on doing government business. Just a note from Picsantee, pics.

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