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  • tigerace8 tigerace8 Dec 21, 2012 3:19 PM Flag

    All in on this Pull Back

    good luck, at this price level it's a true gamble, everything depends on debt management and the effect of the fiscal cliff, fiscal cliff, good or bad for this company? large defense contractors stand to lose but ARE HIRING in their defense departments, small company with defense market penetration stand to gain?

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • ==large defense contractors stand to lose but ARE HIRING==

      Can you name any large defense contractors that have announced head count increases?

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • if you did the research you would find that defense departments have already figured in going over the fiscal cliff. the area of defense this company is involved in isnt the portion that will be cut.

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      • 1 Reply to traderjoe1965
      • Traderjoe, - That is the key area of contention. Depending on whose numbers you believe, Defense Contractors should expect a 9%-11% revenue cut. There is no language in the Sequestration law specifically protecting any KTOS programs from this cut. You are relying on KTOS Managements' assessment that KTOS programs will continue to be funded at the expected level and that DoD buying commands will take larger cuts in other areas to compensate. Actually, I believe that you will find that the wording in the current Sequestration law does not say that, and instead says that all spending should be reduced proportionately (haircut technique) instead of your premise. Also, under Continuing Resolution rules, new programs and spending are not supposed to occur, as DeMarco has softly mentioned in his quarterly earnings discussions.

        Anybody else remember the "Peace Dividend?"

    • in this article about boeing and lockheed competition for contract, "Lockheed officials said the defense company plans to hire about 100 people, including "a large percentage" of people now working on the contract" for Boeing. Whole article leaves impression of defense spending being a priority. How this plays against this company's prohibitive debt is the $60 million per quarter interest payment question. Do you think our government will let our defense weaken? God I hope not.

      Sentiment: Hold

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