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  • lastofheinsiders lastofheinsiders Feb 3, 2013 10:57 AM Flag

    March 1 - A Critical Date

    On March 1, Sequestration occurs unless congress can identify and agree on $1.2 trillion of alternative cost reductions over a ten year period. This $1.2 trillion Sequestration is an approximate 10% "haircut" across the board of all government programs. Of that number, nearly half ($487 billion) will be taken from the Department of Defense (DoD) with the remainder falling in all other areas of government spending. For the DoD, that would be an additional ~$50 billion per year along with the already significant spending cuts taken in the 2013 budget (yet to be approved and implemented). No matter which direction the government takes, $1.2 trillion of cuts must occur and the DoD and all other government agencies will feel the effects. As of the date of this post, there are only 28 days remaining for our congress to act.
    Every company that supports the government, whether it be in Defense or any other agency, is going to be, to some degree, adversely affected. The point here is there will be no winners.
    Disclosure: I had posted earlier under my default moniker: dkdt. I usually do so under this one.

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    • lastoftheinsiders, Stay Strong , Solutions are there and could resolve these difficulties , its just a matter of when it will get implemented, as an example and add to it or carry this further if you so care to . There is a Debt placed on all of us Taxpayers by the Government, each and every citizen and there children will some how pay it. How ??? several ways, example Come to the starting line with an equal Burden on allcitizens. Then set up the Government to liquidate the Naturat Resources , Oil, Coal, Precious Minerals and Mining Ores and Generating of Solar and Sea Water conversions . Use the Benefits from these Resources which are the CITIZENS BANKROLL for being a good up right AMERICAN, These public land Resources are ours as Citizens of America so lets use them instead of keeping them on RESERVE. This unlimited field of resources would be used for paying back into the Depleated Bankroll of the USA GOVERNMENT with 100% collateriozed dollars. This could be established in several ways , first from Set aside Huge Land Parcels and opened for the mining of precious metals such as PLATNIUM . Right now the Government could open up temporially OIL Regions in the WEST CALIFORNIA that could lift the Debt off or CITIZENERY, Dont sell these Oil Partials to Private Business and not let them even open them up for Drilling. Well this is just a sampling of SOLUTIONS that can resolve the DEBT ISSUE and could be used to restore even Social Security benefits, lets look at even using the LABOR FORCE that right now we pay unemployment weekley Payments for 52 weeks, stop it and place these individuals to work in the CITIZENS RECLAMINATION PROGRAM and let them earn some moneyby HELPING THE SITUATION GET RESOLVED . Just mentioning a few solutions that are available that WOULD DEFINETILY ELIMINATE THE COMING COLLAPSE YOU HAVE SPOKEN OF. Liked your Post on Kratos But Im actually more worried on this unresolved problem and Sequestion on MARCH1st . i would say if I can a lay person can see possible solutions, than some brialliant people that are just going to have to step up forward and get this situation CURED , What I speak of is a possible temporay Fix that could resolve a lot of very pressing trouble . just a note from picsantee, Pics. Saying something good on TEAM KRATOS THEY are great PROBLEM SOLVERS and that even could help in some way?????. Pics.

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