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  • ebit_duh_marco ebit_duh_marco Feb 4, 2013 5:46 PM Flag

    Analysis: Shareholder adviser ISS tightens screws on directors

    Send ISS over to KTOS and have them look at the outrageous "pay for (lack of) performance" arrangements.

    (Reuters) - As thousands of U.S. companies prepare for their annual meetings over the coming months, the influential shareholder adviser ISS has signaled it is going to put directors on a shorter leash.

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    • Malp, nothing is free and for your issue of not being the price range you thoughtthey should have paid is really amature on your part. what this got forKratos was 2 major links for the complete picure of the now United TEAM that can handle the multitudes of Exclusive business from the Government, Kratos now has the necessary linkage to move on up in the field of a complete entity . Soon, very soon like at this annual meeting coming you will finally get what all of these past acquisiionswill mean for advancement. Just a note from Picsantee, Pics. check with google on these issues IRON DOME and DAVIDS SLING AND ARROW 3 and see the acceptance and effective results now being attained, and you just may see the in depth value that KRATOS now has on there team . Pics

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      • ==for your issue of not being the price range you thought they should have paid is really amature (sp) on your part.==

        So - it's OK to buy a company for a 10X EBIT-DUH multiple? Really?

        If DUH'Marco bought the Brooklyn Bridge, the price would be irrelevant? (snark)

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      • Pics, it is not AMATURE, whatever that means, it is just reality.

        Pics , we do not have to wait until the meeting to find out what the past acquisitions meant for kratos and the kratos shareholders, JUST LOOK AT THE STOCK PRICE. WE ARE ABOUT 30 CENTS FOR AN ALL-TIME demarco LOW, OR JUST 3 CENTS PRE REVERSE SPLIT.

        9 LONG PLUS YEARS OF DESTRUCTION BY demarco, carano, the mismanagement teams and the very very very weak board

        We already know

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    • You Blind or Something or just out of Focus?????You should try and gather up all of the firms in the Military General Prime Contracting business and see just How much that KRATOS TEAM has accomplished by therde UNITED ORGANIZATION all due to the Multi acquisitions having been made in the last few YEARS, , UNITED We STAND DIVIDED WE FALL, do you have any idea just what that means ??????, As a Unitized FRONT they are several times stronger than if they were alone, there operating cost are several times smaller than if each one of those that joined in this United Front would be by themselves, and the accounting and cost of borrowing and the limits placed even on being allowed to submit BIDS on several different Military Platforms. oh never mind its way over your understanding at this time , You just will wake up to reality when the money and Growth brings you a return or might i say when You find a way to go to this years annual meeting and get all of your troubling questions by KRATOS LEADERSHIP. just a note from Picsantee, Pics.

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      • Pics, the operating cost that were saved, that you reference because of the overpriced acqusitions, are small compared to the INTEREST EXPENSE ON THE JUNK DEBT AT 10% OR INTEREST EXPENSE OF ABOUT $65,800,000.00 PER YEAR. The saving are gone many times over. Try again Pics.

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      • Just wanted to say that company officers and directors work for the shareholders. "Accomplishments" aren't determined by me, you or Dan Englander. Mr. Market is the only one who gives a grade and frankly, the equity performance has been about the worst I have ever seen since 2003, (other than bankruptcy). So all I can say when I see you holler BS about "accomplisments" is LOOK AT THE CHART!!!" Before you go all gung ho on KTOS at least give them a chance to have something to brag about. I am looking forward to translating EDM's vision of KTOS into a profit machine whose stock doubles or triples but right now I feel pretty &^%$ stupid for buying this dog. Since 1/1/2013 this thing has been descending while just about everything else has gone parabolic. Not a good thing. Good luck Pics but we ain't got nuthin to brag about just yet. Can't wait for the braggin to begin though!

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