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  • picsantee50 picsantee50 Feb 13, 2013 12:51 AM Flag

    A new day is here

    The State of the Union ADDRESS this evening was MERITORIOUS FOR THE CITIZENERY OF THE USA. What I felt came across was UNIFICATION OF THE DIFFERENCES OF BOTH PARTIES CARRYING THE MAJORITY OF THE VOTERS DEMACRATS AND REPUBLICANS. Im 75 and have heard several State of the Union addresses and I must say Tonights showed that ther is now a very likely possibility that TOGEATHER BOTH OF THESE PARTIES WILL BE ABLE TO RESOLVE DIFFICULT PROBLEMS IN TIME TO STAY A FALLING OFF THE CLIFF. Tonight I saw REPRESENTATIVES of both PARTIES CLAPPING TOGEATHER and even STANDING UP TOGEATHER on 8 or 9 different times, never havee I seen such unification of parties on so many differentISSUES as Tonight , I was litterly amazed, I would only now like to see this UNIFICATION BEGIN TO TAKE PLACE, The President Dared these PARTIES just solve the different DILIMAS and submit it to the PRESIDENT TO SIGN and HE WOULD SIGN IT. This was so complete the universal complete standing by both PARTIES attesting wanting to resolve so many difficult situations, WE will see what happens TOMORROW , I actually would say TRADING AM WILL BE VERY ++++STRONG AND END VERY STRONG++++, no more said untill I actually see how the DAY TRANSPIRES. Just a note from Picsantee, PICS. I did like the Strength showed for the STRONGEST MILITARY IN THE WORLD FOR THE USA. Pics which would mean KRATOS and the other 9 contenders also will be involved in this overall protection for AMERICA. Pics.

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