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  • bidnow73 bidnow73 May 17, 2013 1:17 PM Flag

    Can anyone in the USA explain Zacks upgrade please?

    Seriously. Zacks says:

    "this national security solutions provider registered positive earnings surprises in the last five quarters with an average beat of 303.8%."

    "posted first quarter 2013 adjusted earnings of 6 cent per share, much ahead of the Zacks Consensus Estimate of a loss of 9 cents."


    If Zacks wants to report Pro Forma / Adjusted EPS, that is fine. But has anybody seen where the Consensus Pro Forma / Adjusted EPS for 2013 Q1 was ($.09)??? Yahoo Finance (and others) and their source (?) show the GAAP EPS forecast for 2013 Q1 was ($.09), not the Pro Forma / Adjusted EPS Forecast.

    Sorry, Zacks. I think your numbers lack integrity. Very disappointing.


    Just for future historical purposes, Zacks shows the forecasted Pro Forma / Adjusted 2013 EPS at $0.29 and the 2014 EPS at $0.56 as of today.

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    • Bidnow73, Bid my very uncovential explination shows tremendious FUTURE Guidence or Future Guidence or Forward Growth , in past couple years seems Acquisitions played into the forming a United Frontal attack at being involved in the coming future of DEFENSE and Kratos is now into all of those Platforms and will, or could play a major role in them up untill they are ACQUIRED time frame aprox 12 to 38 months . See the unfolding of multiple KRATOS Divisions being involved in Satellite launches an command and control and platforms used by Military on all of the Launches for Government Channelson every satellite launch, Kratos has recently been approved and licensed to be the company to go to for assistanceand usage of workable systems that are compatiable. Take a moment and read this article on VIASATthey announced Friday May 17th2013 that a 2nd Satellite will be constructed by BA and launched 2016 for a price over 6.25Million dollars, guess who helped in Satellite #1 Kratos so Kratos will also be involved and gov will be getting special channels This article is on san diego Union tribune Friday May 17th Business section C1 and 2 READ it and written by MIKE FREEMAN UT. . Lets look at the DRONE PROGRAM with Launches off carriers with flights going way over 2,100 miles and can be refuelled and carry military pay loads or survalance systems with Jet propulson Kratos is involved and right now Helicopters DRONES are doing survalence in Mid east and all over, Latest is a the Direction of Airforce missions in usage of Drones that length of flight on Pilots is reduced due to all of the missions now done by DRONE PROGRAMS ,KRATOS is a MFG an supplyer and SHELTER and NOSE CONE SUPPLYER for MULTI FIRMS with BLESSING of usage on Government Funded developtments, are you getting the Depth of involvement OF KRATOS ???? . Let us not forget that FMS,FORIGN MILITARY SERVICE is requesting all of the Rocketry defense systems that will be allowed by USA GOV for ALLIES DEFENSE .Picsantee,

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      • Pics, Thank you for your response. You are nothing if not consistent. The intent of my original posting was to question the validity of the financials published by Zacks. I agree that KTOS is involved with some excellent programs, however translating their involvement to future share price appreciation is speculative and judgmental. I could not locate the article you mentioned on the San Diego Union Tribune web site, however I did see the one that announced the $555.6MM dollar contract award to Northrop Grumman for the modernization of the Global Hawk UAV. You remember, that is the overpriced, obsolete, UAV that Mr. DeMarco said the KTOS product would replace in the potential $1.2B market. Analysts were also salivating at the potential of additional FY 2014 EA-18G procurements recommended in the President's budget, apparently failing to remember that all 5 of the last presidential budget submissions have gone directly into the trash can. I invite you to go to defenseindustrydaily and /ea18g-program-the-usas-electronic-growler-02427/ - With a run rate of one per month over the last three years, and at the end of the scheduled production contract, I find it difficult to believe that Boeing and the Pentagon would negotiate a doubled production schedule for FY 2014 and drop to zero in FY 2015. People who don't understand manufacturing, business, unions, or politics might believe this though.

      • Bidnow73 what Im saying is that FUTURE GUIDENCE is as good as it should be and once realised KRATOS shall increase to a level of being BOUGHT or MERGE or even sell of divisions into other entities, multiple are now available for THEM as soon will be seen, and issue of refinancing several institutions have Bundles of Cash from Union paying memberships that are not getting what they want from brockerages and now are awarding requssts from corporations that want long term loans and will now deal direct with loan seekers at aprox 7% ranges, issues on money availibility are freeing up with meritorious for requistors, could it even be possible that KRATOS has discovered reasonable financial loans ?????money is there waiting for those in search should it be needed and qualifications for security be able to be met . Things are improvingas you can see , remember back just a few months ago when a few posters on this board said KTOS would see 3.00 by end of March , I dontrepeat those name s that agreed , but I did STATE NO WAY it would HIT the 6.00 Dollar a share by end of first quarter earnings report or by ANNUAL MEETING ON MAY 22nd I missecd it on first quarter earnings on May 8th , sorry about that miss, I still think Possible to hit that 6.00 a share Kratos Price on or before CLOSE OF MARKET ON MAY 22ndMAY 2013. Just a note from Picsantee, pics.

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    • DUH'Marco gives more "adjustments" than my chiropractor! {: )

      Maybe Zacks is relying on Barrons for its basic research?

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