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  • iwillnotgiveitback iwillnotgiveitback Apr 29, 2010 12:48 PM Flag

    New to WLT, but didn't Cramer give this

    one the "buy buy buy" in the very high high high (like $99)
    $90's ?????
    Wall St. genius (heheheheheheheheee), ok, if you say so.

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    • Here's the thing with cramer, he might make the right call sometimes. I'm not sure exactly what his percentage is but the last time I read something regarding his batting average it was about the same as flipping a coin.

      The part that many people don't understand about cramer is that he's not as innocent and goofy as he is on his show. He represents interests that want to pump prices up so they can sell into the pump. Do yourself a favor and go to utube, there are a number of videos that show the other side of cramer.

    • Yes, what Cramer said was correct.
      I traded it a few times the past two weeks, but am now stuck with shares purchased a little under $97.
      I was thinking the same thing- that I don't know how to trade anymore!

    • Personally I can't even watch that guy let alone take anything he says seriously, but that's me. Most true longs will tell you to hold but that's their job. You always need to be careful holding through any earnings when a stock is trading near it's recent highs. This is not unusual action and personally I think the market as a whole is high and needs to pullback before it continues up. Cramers MO is to pump and sell into the pump to hold up prices. You'd be better to not even watch that guy IMO.

      Having said what I did in the preceding sentences selling now and buying something else isn't going to help if the markets pull back. You'll just be getting out of one frying pan and jumping into another.

      Keep this in mind in the future, the most important trait the best traders all have is getting out of a bad trade ASAP and letting the good ones ride. Unfortunately you're already down 16% or so. This stock will go back up but it certainly can continue down more with the markets.

      We all make mistakes in this market, everyone of us. Learning can be expensive and humbling. I wouldn't even attempt to give you a suggestion not that you were really asking. It sounds like you are just frustrated and just speaking out. One thing I can tell you is everyone has an agenda on these boards, so be careful of most things you read.

      Good Luck sir

    • Yes, he did. And like a dummy I went and bought 1000 shares the next day. I should have know better.

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      • I to heard about wlt from cramer. He mentioned it today on Mad Money. But back when he talked about it I jumped on a hundred shares. then I sold it at a few hundred profit. It fell, I bought, sold made a small profit. Well bottom line I've made 1300. clams from wlt.
        then other things looked good and I just watched it.
        Until today. I kept thinking wow how low can it go.
        I finaly bought 50 shares at 81.73, you saw it didn't look back until the high eighties.

        But I bet I can make 3 4 hundred bucks on those fifty shares. And fast to, next week the week after.
        I dont know what cramer thinks, I think get in get out. I always take the profit when I can.

        Might as well hold on to it and see if it comes back.

        Good trading.

      • I have done that a time or two. But one thing that I have noticed is that when Cramer say buy buy buy on a stock it usually goes up the next day. But it doesnt stay up and goes back down. Sometimes lower than before. That is when I buy buy buy

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