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  • nazbear88 nazbear88 Sep 7, 2010 10:18 AM Flag

    i've had my eye on WLT for a few years now

    missed it at the bottom in 08/09. went long bidu, clf so don't feel bad for me. but today i finally bought WLT. about 60% of desired position. i will be adding the remaining 40% in the next one to two weeks as i am a strong believer in a end of year rally.

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    • "If you are not one, then why did you post,"....... i already told you. SO I CAN GLOAT IN A FEW MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!

    • "I am not an egomaniacal fool like yourself thinking my opinion is so closely followed that it would move this stock"

      If you are not one, then why did you post, what you are going to do instead of talking about Coal production and its price?

      At least cut and paste some article like that "Emergency" guy does all the time when it was trading above 97.

      You sound like that Cramer boy.

      Are you holding the bag from 97 when that "lunatic nut", told you to buy Or are you fooling people here?

    • lol. the reason i post on this board is A) because i am not an egomaniacal fool like yourself thinking my opinion is so closely followed that it would move this stock. B) because nobody pays attention to these mb other than for fun C) so i can gloat a few months from now when WLT is triple digits

    • Interesting points. Thanks for posting.

    • nazbear88

      Where are you coming from all of a sudden with your “eye” on this stock?

      Where have you been when it was trading at 65 and change?

      Also why do you have to publish on this board, if you really want to buy it? Don't you think that it is better to keep quiet to buy your million-dollar "position" so that you can get it lower? That means, you are not honest in what you are saying here.

      If I want to accumulate a "position" in any stock, I won't post anything to drive the price up, though a message board has no effect other than a psychological relief for the poster. So, you are telling the board that you are smart to envision the price into future but that same brain doesn’t understand one basic logic, don't tell anyone before execute a plan.

      My deduction is that there is no credibility in your post.

      By the way, are you the guy called, “Emergency” with another pseudonym? I don’t see that poster anymore.

    • foxy lady,

      next one to two weeks anything can happen. although i doubt dip will be larger than 1%-3%. then we rally. if we are not already..... let me know how accurate i was in a few months

    • I'm sure you are a regular investor, but your assurance almost makes your posts look like those of a brokerage or investment banking firm employee.

    • Well, I shorted some over 77 and covered it under 76. That wasn't a big profit when I covered 200 shares with profits, but it was something for my little effort. It's my only coal stock short, though I've been trading other energy and resource stocks and CREE has been a winner for shorts. It now looks like a couple of overpriced tech stocks are weakening.

    • I'd recommend holding off on the rest of your WLT position because it could dip back under 70 based on technical indicators as well as fundamental issues, IMHO.

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