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  • carnegie201 carnegie201 Mar 21, 2013 9:27 AM Flag

    I vote my shares FOR Management this morning.

    I for one believe the future for WLT is a much better then the picture Audley is trying to paint with their paid bashers.
    On 2/20/13
    “Walter Energy said it had received the notice of intent from an affiliate of hedge fund Audley Capital Advisors LLP. The company said in a statement it had no contact with Audley aside from the notice of intent.”
    Since 2/19 closing price of $39.96 to yesterday’s closing price of $28.85 a 28% drop over 27% the Audley’s Group is not the direction to go with for WALT.
    As a shareholder I am disappointed in WLT’s share price performance, but the last 27% decline was uncalled for. Additionally I’ve noticed a substantial increase spamming and bashing for shareholders attempting to cat here.

    IMO Audley would be the least favorite group to manipulates WAL’s assets obviously not for its long term-shareholders.

    That is why I voted with WLT’s recommendation. I for one don’t want to lose any more of my principal. Thank god for puts and the little dividend I’m getting.

    Have a great weekend!

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • chrissr12 Mar 21, 2013 11:30 AM Flag

      Thanks carnegie201.for your reply , not much sense comes out of this board but i am happy for input.i too was pondering my vote .talked with Co.but did,not get much there other than whats in there book .I dont want to throw myself under bus with Audley i guess i will have to go with Wlt.So i Take a deep breath sit back and pray.Im 70% down how low can i go Thanks

    • I agree and too changed my mind. Why?
      Fundamental outlook for the diversified metals & mining, like WLT, for the NEXT 12 months is positive. I expect sales and earnings will recover from 2012's depressed lows.

      a. Prices for aluminum, copper, nickel, zinc, iron ore and coking coal will rebound from 2012's levels on higher demand and less rapidly rising output. Continued increase durable goods demand will driving up volumes.
      b. Based on the Global Insight forecast for 2.2% global GDP growth in 2013, versus global growth of 2.3% estimated for 2012, and
      c. Chinese GDP growth of 8.2% in 2013 compared with 7.8% estimated for 2012, IMO is bullish for WLT plus worldwide demand for base metals will rise again in 2013.
      d. Global copper demand in 2013 will increase 3%, versus an estimated gain of 4.5% in 2012 and demand from the U.S. (the world's second largest consumer) will advance again on a projected increase in housing starts to 1.1 million units from 780,000 in 2012.
      e. Mine production will rise less rapidly than in 2012. At the same time global steel output could rise by low to mid-single digits in 2013 following a 1.2% rise for 2012. This should lead to a higher prices for iron ore after last year’s sharp drop.
      f. Increased steel production will boost the price of coking coal and nickel compared with 2012.

      Combined with a higher average copper price, leading to an increase in earnings for WLT.

      IMO I agree with Wise and a few other private Money Managers, WLT is a substantial better position for the short term 2013 – 2014. Not concerned about the negative earnings numbers, they can have 180 degree turn within a couple of quarters as history has shown. Of course WLT by them may have gone private most likely in $100.

      I’m long and strong and too voted with WLT’s management vs the alternative.
      Good Luck!

      Sentiment: Buy

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