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  • brocade_2003 brocade_2003 Jul 5, 2013 11:25 AM Flag

    Why no more insider buys? If they bought at $17-19

    Shouldn't they buy more now with 40% discount from just 1.5 months ago?

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    • Because of access to Inside Information on a regular basis, all
      (i) directors and officers of Walter;
      (ii) Walter senior accounting, finance, legal and investor relations personnel;
      (iii) Presidents and controllers at any of Walter’s Significant Subsidiaries;
      (iv) persons referred to in Section 6; and
      (v) Family Members and Controlled Entities of any of the persons identified in
      clauses (i) through (iv) (such persons and entities identified in clauses (i) though
      (v), (“Designated Personnel”)
      are hereby prohibited from effecting transactions in the Company’s securities
      (excluding exercising an option, but including selling the option or the underlying stock)
      during Blackout Periods. Unless otherwise specified by the Company in a written
      notice to Company Personnel, “Blackout Periods” shall be the period commencing on
      and including the tenth calendar day of the last month of each fiscal quarter and
      expiring on and including the second trading day after the day on which the Company
      announces its quarterly or annual earnings. Even if a Blackout Period is not in effect (a
      “Window Period”), the Company may impose additional or different Blackout Periods as
      it deems necessary. If any Designated Personnel comes into possession of Inside
      Information, such Designated Personnel may not effect a transaction in the Company’s
      securities until at least two trading days after the public disclosure of such Inside
      Information, even if during a Window Period.

    • For the love of God, please don't let any insider buy ... if they do, we are going to $5 PPS.
      If history tells us one thing, WLT insiders are PERFECT CONTRARIAN INDICATORS - they buy, the stock falls. Heck, they have been buying from $70s!!!

      I pray they don't buy! Pray with me ...

    • In the period between end of quarter and the earnings announcement they are generally prohibited from buying/selling shares.

      • 1 Reply to o08o.ugh64w
      • Unless, they have access to material, Non-public information the insiders are free to trade.

        Some examples of material news...

        Positive Insider News:
        1) Some sort of deal, M&A or refinancing options (Capital infusion) or privatization.
        2) Pre-announcement of better than expected earnings.

        Negative Insider News:
        1) Suspension of dividend
        2) Lower earnings estimate

        Any of the above or other factors could prevent the insiders from Buying/Selling securities, We really can't tell if it a good thing or a bad thing until we get the complete scoop.

    • I believe insider buys just prior to a buyout be inappropriate.

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