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  • cribdude93 cribdude93 Oct 2, 2001 8:37 PM Flag


    You are a darn good by getting the FBCE Board to come to DIOD Board. It used to be 1 or 2 came over from the FBCE Board, now everyone on the FBCE board is here. They are even reposting what you were posting earlier.
    Can all the sheep from the FBCE Board give us a loud BAA, BAA, BAA. LOLOLOLOLOL.

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    • i have seen so many strange trading patterns lately, that I have decided that I will no longer day trade in july and august for sure.
      I had a great record going into july and took a beating for two months in a row. since sept 1 back to making money.

      I have been in and out of nokia, acas, kem, cpv, brio, cats all on one to 4 day trades. I have never lost money day trading reits with my biggest losses coming on emc. nokia taught me a lesson, thank god for no cost. don't trade in any stock janus has a big holding in.

      I hold nokia for the long term. janus has significantly reduced their holding and appear to be stable on the stock.

      I am tempted to buy diodes as a short term trade, but the problem is volume is so thin.

      ASX recorded positive sequential sales growth for the second month in a row. I think semi's have bottomed and are on their way back. I would think diodes would be following asx's pattern as they are both heavy on commodity chips.

      may be for a pleasant surprise.

    • The trading range of NOK for the last 3 months is 13 to 21 in round figures. I'm glad you got out close to even. In 13 to 21 there is a lot of room for pain. I'm guessing your talking about an investment of around 100k. Everyone talks about research and greed and emotions clouding judgement. But nobody addresses the real enemy of the experienced trader and its not greed. When you've done your homework and your totally sure of the decision your making in a leading performer in a sector. Its at that point your most vulnerable to take your biggest hit. I don't learn anything from my successes compared to what I learn from my losses or set backs. This last 18 months is like a college education with an mba program thrown in.
      good luck

    • i really got hooked bad. bought 2000 shares on a day trade, and the stock promptly dropped. bought another 2000 and it dropped again.

      looked like it was coming back and bought 4000 more, and then that idiotic published a blurb quoting a research report from off the record, who quoted one customer in europe stating that there was a software glitch on nokias phone. then our friends at merrill piled on and chose nokia as the end of the month churn stock on their calls to clients.

      bloody. gutted it out and sold during the big rally the other day.

      moral to the story. averaging down is not a lot fun.

      glad to have got out with my shirt still on on that one.

      however, had a good day daytrading cats and kem.

      this weekend is golf up in flagstaff. should be really nice.

    • he is indeed a character.

      but I think they are in serious trouble. intel spent all that capital to basically double die output at an additional cost of approximately 20% or about a 40% cost reduction.

      amd didn't. they are now behind on manufacturing cost, and if I have the story straight, rely heavily on motorola for process technology. that is a serious mistake.

      thats why sanders is griping, and blaiming intel for a price war. he needs to get rid of ruiz and his henchmen.

    • To address our wafer supply concerns, we plan to continue working on expanding our primary foundry capability at Oki and
      our secondary foundry capability with Xfab at that foundry's facility in Lubbock, Texas. Xfab is owned by Elex NV which is a
      30.9% shareholder of Catalyst.

      I can't remember if Radu is a shareholder of Elex. Something "twisty" way back in my head comes to mind, similar to the engineering contract that Cats has with Radu & Co.'s majority-owned "irreplaceable" (per all of its 10Q's) CATS contract engineers overseas, who designed a state-of-the-art mixed signal NV DPP in April and were immediately sued by Xicor within days of the announcement for patent infringement. Of course, as you know, many patents are purposely written by lawyers to attempt to prevent any other tech from producing any device remotely similar to theirs and to inflict serious financial and managerial pain if any company attempts to penetrate these shrewdly written pieces of law. Don't know if this is the case with Xico and won't speculate here.

      Cats is dangerously close to the magic $1.25 - $1.50 number where hedge funds short it into delisting territory. The share buyback announcement at the current price and time is wise to attempt to prevent this as tax-loss selling season approaches. If nothing else, Radu seems to be an excellent, 'crafty' businessman.

    • Zorb,
      I have stories up the wazoo regarding Sanders, although I admit I have never personally met him (nor am I sure I would welcome such an introduction :-)

      He is truly one whacked-out Lone Ranger. His company's stock has been one of the worst performers if you look at the IPO vs. today (and consider inflation). However, he is still on the edge of the cliff of success. AMD is still the one last challenge to the MSFT/INTC gorrila. AMD's Drezden plant is finally in full operation (after 4 years!!!).Unfortunatelly, AMD just lost a big PC manufacturer in the last few days. However, that does not take away from the fact that they were once Intel cloners but are now independent suppliers of superiour CPU performance and technology. Who knows? They might just win in the end ;-)

      At the least, It is nice to chat once again about CPU potentials and company performance.


    • "Cats' fab is partly an incestuous relationship ..."

      I think you may be referring to their off-campus R&D consulting arangements rather than their fabs. However, I have learned to respect your comments (even if I don't understand them at all times ;-)

      Am I mistaken? I do not believe CATS has any such fab relationships (i.e., incestuous). Perhaps you can correct me.


    • "the only posible homerun is their microprocessor that runs 35x faster. however, history says intel will be there. probably stockvictor can comment on that."

      I can't chat too much about that due to confidentiality disclosures (just like that Itanium thing- 'Tahoe' at the time). However, I can say that (1) Moore's Law will continue to prevail and (2) the rest of the industry will be able to keep up as long as they can manage the required capital expentidures.

      I tell you, technological advancement is something that will never cease to amaze me. Although I am at ground zero in the middle of it, have had a chance to contribute to it, and see it all the time- consistently, the next new conceptual leap never ever ceases astound. I guess the bottom line is that we stick with Tech for a reason. It continues to make the advancements that yield the greatest potential for earnings growth.

    • Stand up take a bow and tell me what you tried with Nokia, I gots ta know? SV when you told me about VISG I immediately looked at it. The story was good and we know about stories. I didn't touch it because I thought it was still burning cash faster then it was coming in. I was happy to hear officials making statements about recovering from this recession in about a year. If their acknowledging we're in a recession recovery must be on the horizon.

    • all non-manufacturing companies have incestous relationships with their outsourcers.

      I remember attending a semiconductor conference back in 1994 or 1995 and listening to jerry sanders of amd expound that "only real men have fabs". given his current situation with ruiz (former gm of motorola semi) who is a total loser, he probably wished he outsourced to tsmc a while back. a company like cats should never, never own a fab or backend.

      a fab costs $1.5B minimum for state of the art. r&d for new processing technology has to run $200M a year. if you buy a used one you are in $200M, and have at least a year to make it fit your products.

      cats is in a great situation right now. done with their subsidies to oki. and many, many hungry foundries that will deal for wafer starts, backend starts.

      I expect they will do very well when things turn on.

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