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  • bkpf_2_bseg bkpf_2_bseg Aug 2, 2000 4:28 PM Flag

    DIOD sucked today

    Hardly any volume and below 20. Not a
    good sign.
    When will it be up???

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    • Thanks very much r4r4 for the references. Are you
      of the opinion that the proposed all electronic
      systems, we keep hearing about, will eliminate all these
      evils and let stocks sell at something close to what
      they are really worth?

    • try

      (the column on the right hand side of the

      different perspectives but both are pretty interesting.
      Again, long term it won't make much difference but it
      sure can be very painful if you were caught at the
      point where the turn starts.

    • I would be very interested in the link. What I
      know about MMs and shorting was learned at:

      Can I summarize what you have said as: Since PLCE has
      options, a conspiracy of market makers and hedge funds has
      kept it undervalued; in the case of DIOD, which
      doesn't have options, its problem is that institutions
      don't know about the stock? Many thanks.

    • Every time MMs sell (to the public, to their own
      accounts or to each other) they are essentially shorting.
      As far as keeping the price down if there is buying
      pressure, in the long run this won't affect stock price and
      is a short term phenomenon. IMO, in DIOD's case the
      MMs are not driving it down; there are simply no
      institutional buyers. If I can find it, I'll post a pretty
      interesting link regarding MM/Specialists.

      2. My wife
      has been trading this week and left several stock
      tickers on the computer. I was reading the day's trade
      from Medved. (Although we have Level 2 we use Medved
      because it works better for us).

      Good luck

    • <<They dropped the bid through a 2K buyer
      to scoop up a 10K seller at 16 1/2 (SV-was that

      I would be at the buy side if we hit the $16 point.
      I would prefer to have DIOD go stratight up from
      where we are now. However, if it does hit the $16 gift
      horse buying level, you will see me.

    • Mr. r4r4, thank you for your detailed
      explanation. I have been trading for only a year and only
      partialy understood what you were saying. Here are a
      couple of follow up questions.

      1. I thought there
      was an SEC rule that market makers can only short at
      a price higher than the current inside bid. So how
      can they keep the price down if there is is buying
      pressure from a lot of people who want the stock? I assume
      a lot of people knew about the good earnings report
      and wanted to buy, recently.

      2. I checked the
      intraday charts, for DIOD, on both Yahoo and Moneycentral
      and couldn't see the trades you mentioned. For
      example, at the beginning I see only a 6.4K sale at 17 1/4
      followed by a 7K sale at 17 3/4.

      Thank you kindly.

    • Can you explain why these two charts are so
      grossly different? The volume you quote for today is more
      or less in line with the Chart of Individual
      Investor. But look at Yahoo! It shows two large blocks: one
      for about 28,000 shares sometime before 10 a.m. and
      the other for about 32,000 sometime before 11 a.m.

    • not to forget that the 38,300 is NASDAQ volume and not actual trades. I seem to remember a rule of thumb that says divide ndx volume by 2.2 to get actual trades volume (AMEX used trades volume).

    • In the case of Diodes low volume simply means
      support and the price needs to be adjusted. The MM has to
      make a decision, higher or lower. I'm betting I can
      wait him out and make him come to me. But for this
      plan to work I'll need everyones help.

    • When will it be up? If we knew that we wouldn't
      be shareholders until that exact moment now would
      we. How long have you been a shareholder? A week or
      two. Hold, buy more if you think its going up, or sell
      if you think its going down. Its very simple. As
      always, Good Luck.

      • 2 Replies to manonasilvermountain
      • I am in DIOD for more than last
        couple of
        months. No sell, only buys.
        Ended up putting in 60% of
        my money
        in this @ avg. price of 25 (split

        adjusted), now I don't have any left to buy @20.
        I am
        long on this but it's
        frustrating to see this
        getting so
        neglected by the street and falling

        below 20.

      • A little history lesson from us long time

        Last year on 6/4/99 DIOD announced their initial $4.5M
        expansion due to growing demand. The stock jumped from $5
        to $8.625 on the news and trended higher through
        July with the high hitting $9.75 in mid July (prices
        are not adjusted for split).

        Everyone knew or
        should have known that earnings growth going forward was
        a sure thing, yet the summer doldrums set in and
        the stock drifted aimlessly from August through mid
        October. It hit a low during this period of $5.75 (a P/E
        of 12) before trending higher ahead of the Q3 report
        and then it took off after the report due to the huge
        earnings, and forward looking comments. It then continued
        to trend higher through the end of the year and

        I share this because of what may happen again this
        year between now and mid October. Once again, everyone
        knows or should know that more EPS growth is coming yet
        we may drift lower and lower during this late summer
        period and into the fall. We may even hit a low of 15 (a
        P/E of 12) like last year. But know this - if this
        happens we'll be primed to explode with a Q3 report like
        last year.

        Day to day, week to week, even month
        to month - you never know how the market will
        behave. Longer term price follows earnings and I maintain
        $2.14 in EPS for FY2000 and a $43 stock price before
        year's end. How we get there - who knows. The only thing
        I do know is that it won't be a straight

        Best of Good Buys.

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