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  • lentinman lentinman Sep 1, 2000 6:06 PM Flag


    I bought DIOD in two purchases. One at about $20
    and one at about $17.

    Two weeks ago, DIOD
    gained 15% from the Friday close to the Monday high on
    large volume. That could be called a breakout. It went
    2% higher to Tuesday's high on lower volume, but
    still the second highest of the week. It dropped 7% to
    the Tuesday close. It tailed off Wednesday - Friday
    on low volume.

    This week was EXACTLY EXACTLY
    the same story. DIOD gained 18% (versus 15%) from the
    Friday close to the Monday high on large volume. That
    could be called a breakout. It went 3% (versus 2%)
    higher to Tuesday's high on lower volume, but still the
    second highest of the week. It dropped 8% (versus 7%) to
    the Tuesday close. It tailed of Wednesday - Friday on
    low volume.

    You may remember there was a
    mention of DIOD's "failed rally" two weeks ago in a (I think) article. I held on figuring it might
    get another chance in a few weeks. But, The Spear
    Report indicated it as a "Best Buy" last Friday night
    (but not in tonight's edition) and it got a second
    chance. So, the same thing this week. I knew about the
    Tuesday high on Monday night and considered selling on
    Tuesday, but thought maybe this breakout would hold. It

    I sold yesterday because it is one thing to
    overcome one failed rally. To overcome a second failed
    rally is much harder IMO.

    Of course, it could go
    up 15% again Monday, but if it does, you should
    seriously consider taking profits - or at least on Tuesday
    morning. There is something wrong with this stock. I think
    I have an idea, but no reason to upset the


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    • on a volume of 900 shares. 900 hundred shares doesn't mean anything, what a load of crap. Excuse me, I meant to say A-hole market maker.

    • NOW!! would be the time to take up a major position....

    • AMRI seems nice right now. Does much of the overflow research for the big pharmaceuticals so low overhead, no worries about drug trials etc. Do your own DD though.

    • tphagans, keep an eye on PCOP. Dont get me wrong,
      I just sold it last week, but its one of the only
      profitable companies in the arena, and has 58% expected
      growth. For me, it was the only one I've ever

      Regardless, looking to jump in on DIOD tomorrow,


    • i will do DD and see. also, another board
      recommended to me PATH. they heard it recomended i think on
      cnbc as an analysts double pick in 12 months. i don't
      own it but it did look good, its profitable, but i'm
      not sure if i'll go with it or not. i'm wanting
      something thats medicine product oriented. if i recall from
      my PATH DD, they are a physician internet play. it
      did look good but i'm limited with available money
      and i'm looking to put my toe in the water on a boom
      or bust, particularly looking for the boom part. but
      a product generating company is what i'm looking

    • I am also looking for a good biotech. Am
      considering SCLN TXB MEDI and IDPH but am also looking for
      suggestions. I prefer companies that are already profitable or
      are predicted to be profitable within the next year.

    • Day trading does not work for this 63 year old
      business man. I have quadrupled my capital in 2 years by
      buying undervalued tech growth stocks with top
      management, lower than average P/E, and little or no debt.
      Diod is ranked 7 out of 110 in its industry and has
      relative ivbd price strength of 94. Their 11 million $
      expansion of last year is sold out and $9 mil more plant
      space is being added to fill current order backlog.
      Earnings for the last 2 qtrs have exceed analyst's
      estimates by 17 & 84% with record sales and profits. DIOD
      stock price has risen from 4 to 20 in just 12
      The current 12 month target is in the $35 to $55
      range. DIOD's current return on equity is 30% compared
      to ind. avg. of 12%. Their 5 yr. return on capital
      is 15% compared to ind. and S&P's 8%. Long term
      stockholders will continue to make more than day-traders
      equity prices seek their fundamental value.

    • as they say around here, entertaining and useful.
      For me though I can't tell the difference from you
      and all the other idiots telling me either to buy or
      sell. The fact is no matter what your reasons are for
      selling, their mut, because the truth is you don't know

    • Lentinman,
      Fair enough. Your posts and input
      are always welcome. For those that are trading this
      stock, or looking for the short term win, I can
      appreciate their frustrations. A problem DIOD suffers that
      do not plague KEM, AVX and VSH is that it is much
      smaller and is prone to an additional set of "small cap"
      influences the others are not. There are a number of us long
      term holders that are quite comfortable with DIODs
      continued growth and future prospects. I do see one
      possible problem in November. Nov '99 was when the
      beginning of the real DIOD appreciation. As of Nov 2000
      these gains will be subject to long-term capital gains
      and we may see profit taking. This, of course, will
      not alter the underlying fundamentals of Diodes,

      Sorry to see you go Lentinman. I reserve the right to
      poke fun at you on other boards when DIOD is in the
      30's 40's 50's and beyond ;-)

    • I recently bought this at 19. This sure has a
      great future IMO. Earning growth so attractive. Its
      only a matter of time investors find this gem. Until
      then I am staying put. If it goes up 15% monday, so
      what? I am not in this for just 15%. I am in for more
      than 50%. I seriously think this will go more than
      100%. Look at forward P/E. And if earnings grow further
      I will raise my target along with it.

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