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  • orionhughes orionhughes Nov 10, 2000 2:54 PM Flag


    I think that most lazy people feel the

    consequences of their laziness. I am sure
    that a few lazy
    people get government handouts
    but I am doubtful
    that many do. Anyway,
    whatever the figure is, I
    doubt it is large
    enough to be a significant burden
    on the
    economy. I feel that with no consequence

    for lazines, there wouldn't be productivity.
    if you believe it's a significant figure
    you are
    likely a republican and if you
    believe it's probably
    no significant then
    you could be a democrat.
    Instead, what you
    probably have is the mentally ill,
    handicapped, and the elderly getting some

    support, as a result of major policy battles
    in US
    history, and I think that overall
    there is some payoff
    to helping the elderly,
    the handicapped, and the
    crazy, because
    it dries up support for communism.

    What would be the first government program
    would like to see eliminated? Is it
    a significant
    slice of the pie? Is it
    something we can do
    without? I would
    eliminiate pork-barrel spending, that
    things where they say it is going to create

    jobs therefore we should do it.

    I am happy to
    see the country moving towards
    this crisis
    because a divided government is
    good for the economy
    in my opinion. It
    prevents the socialists and
    the laissezists
    from destroying the economy for
    the sake
    of ideology. No big new tax cuts, no big

    new spending.

    Sorry to those making posts
    relevant to
    diod, this is it for me. I'll check in

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    • unfortunately he thinks that if a short position
      is small it is wrong...usually a large short
      position is a bullish sign...but then again scott paid 24
      for this and 22 1/2 for fdhg(now fifty cents)I told
      him dildo not diod

    • Re: windyknoll Re: Stockvictor
      thisonegoeslower 11/13/00 1:25 pm
      Msg: 5222 of 5892

      long? maybe at 3 bucks a share...there are many more
      quality issues to buy in the current environment

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    • nice call thisone. 3 bucks huh pal? Diodes is
      going in the wrong direction for it to hit 3.00. You're
      such an asshole

      why not admit you're trying to
      spook people all the while being

      we'll keep reminding you of your prediction of diod
      hitting $3.00. So far, you're losing your ass

    • windyknoll,

      I commend you on your
      objectiveness. You're right to say that FL is not the only state
      with inconsistancies. However, the press and many
      others would like the world to think so.

      family life sounds great. Good luck.

    • Bush will win the presidency - but the liberals
      will see to it that he has no agenda. They'll cry
      about the so called popular vote - illigitimacy of the
      Florida vote - and on & on. 4 yrs from now, Al Gore will
      run on a platform of "What did Bush get

      The silver lining is - I think Bush will
      surprise many people - as he is well known to be
      inclusive, rather than devisive. It's obvious which
      candidate is playing politics & will do anything to be

      Bush has a better chance of getting
      anything accomplished in the next 4 yrs than Al Gore. A
      Gore presidency will be soooo stained. I'll go to the
      inaugural (30 min away) and BOOOO. At least Gore won his
      home state (D.C.).

      As to DIOD...... another
      weak finish. (light volume at the end though). SILI up
      strong today. VSH was up - but faded to barely a green
      finish. Semi's getting some needed support here.

      agree with Stockvictor - earnings may surprise some in
      the coming quarters.

    • Carter busted OPEC by insulating America,
      reducing energy consumption by 30% and, coincidentally,
      eliminating the need for any more nuclear power plants, the
      biggest favor any president has done the nation since

      He also signed off on the Stealth, which
      brought us the midnight bombing of Bagdad, nearly brought
      us peace in the Mideast, and was a shining symbol of
      all that is right with America. He may well go down
      in history as one of the greatest presidents of all
      time (his only failing was the attempted rescue of the
      hostages and you have to give him credit for trying)Might
      also add that he left office and managed to avoid
      taking $1 million as a tariff bonus from the Japanese,
      like Reagan

    • george bush was a horrible president and w is
      even stupider and would be a worse president...whiner
      you are an idiot if you don't think anyone believes
      gore will win the election...gore will win the
      election...jeb bush has been caught

    • Jimmy Carter was a horrible president. I know
      most democrats are normal everyday good people. I
      think the democrats we hear and see in the media and
      this board do their party a terrible disservice. In
      their words, they are dim. Nobody on this panet really
      believes that Al is going to come away with a victory at
      this late date. A funny story, Jimmy Carter tells this
      story quite often. When he was Governor he successfully
      inroduced and got passed leguslation that would limit
      Georgia voters to voting not longer then three years
      after their death. Jimmy said even though Uncle Jed was
      dead his family knew how he would have voted, so they
      voted for him.

    • No apology needed. As for Stockvictor, he has
      never responded to the one post I directed his way. My
      only recollection of his being (not) quite the
      gentleman is his use of F*&k Y*# in his last post. To be so
      wrapped up in a political party or a party candidate is
      foolish. We are simply told what they think we would like
      to hear. How far back do the disapointments go? I'll
      take you back as far as my memory goes.
      supporters- not dissapointed til after death but never the
      less dissapointed by his womanizing
      -LBJ- let down
      by the Vietnam War
      -Nixon- let down by
      -Ford- let down by the pardon
      -Carter- hasn't let us
      down yet
      -Reagan- Iran Contra
      -Bush -
      -Clinton- sex

      Republican/Democrats: The fact that
      one powerful individual can be so influence by
      political party association is flawed.

      If GBjr./AG
      were to take the high road we would all be standing
      side by side for a revote and not wasting time and
      money and the stock market and the world economy on
      legal manovers to gain the upper hand in a vote that I
      think we all feel would lean the way of the Democrates.
      Since that being known, it shows GB in a very dim
      light. It is not very becoming of GB and does not
      strengthen his position. It appears as if he is trying to
      stop the inevitable.

      The debates on the legal
      manovering are beyond me. I am not a lawyer and can not
      attempt to predict the next move.

      As for DIOD's; i
      am a newer investor to the stock market all
      together. have read many of your post and appreciate the

      As for the sarcasism detected in your posts... If
      that is just you, i can get over it.

      We should
      all stand on this statement:
      It is even more
      important that EVERY vote is counted, and counted
      accurately" -AG Nov13,00

    • I read your post. I conclude you think the demos are winning. Fat chance!

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