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  • thisonegoeshigher thisonegoeshigher May 18, 2001 11:09 PM Flag


    I think all the conceivable buyers in fbce have bought in...recommend you take your profit and will have an opportunity to enter at a much lower level...fbce will be heading lower

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    • You have my word I will not stop until I have a thorough understanding of the material.

    • I'll send it to you this weekend. Please take the time to learn it. I think you will find it amazing, even on a day like today.

      Yes I'm very interested and appreciate your efforts, thank you. A lot of people think I'm retired, I haven't worked at my trade for many years. Now I help out around the office of a family business that I own. I don't get paid much but I get to play in all the pro-ams I want. I love getting out there with my friends and just plane choking. I've been trading for about 10 yrs and its quite a continueing learning process. Looking back at last year, I was totally unequiped to deal with the change in the market. I worked my butt off making mistake after mistake after mistake trying to get on the right side and turn things around. You mentioned emotions, that's a constant battle. Admitting that you've made a mistake and have to sell and take a loss or the other side, the jackpot mentality.
      good luck

    • It's an extremely rewarding technique that I posted about on this board probably before you were invested in DIOD but I can email it to you. It's very regimented. I have traded online for 5 years now and have yet to find anything which approaches this. It forces you to remove emotion from your trading and once you become a believer you will become an even better trader.
      If you are serious I would recommend that you download Medved Quote Tracker if you use one of the "common" online brokers (DATEK, ETRADE, FIDO, etc.) I think it's free now; I have used it for over 4 years and have yet to find a better screen for Gap Open trading; I have used streamers and Level II but have yet to find anything as powerful as Medved. Although it's not essential, I have also found that ADSL - or any other broadband - is a nice advantage.
      I finished last year up 305% for the year in my trading account in a horrible down market. Period. About 95% of my trades were long. It taught me discipline - mostly the hard way - but I very seldom day trade any other way now. I take it you are retired from reading your posts. It is incredibly powerful for a person who has the luxury of NOT trading on any given day. My profits have been very "limited" because I can only trade on about one day every two to three weeks and last year the market was very uncooperative during most of my trading days.
      Tell me if you're interested. If your email address hasn't changed since you last posted it about 6 months ago I'll send you the info, complete with my observations and often very expensive "lessons learned" from when I first started fine tuning it years ago.

    • Thanks I understand your explanation. Is it possible for some one to get caught holding worthless warrants? Holders of USLB warrants are in a position of having to exercise or sell. If they excercise, that means they purchase shares minus the value of the warrant.

    • is going to be a winner down the road. Palm is something else, its technology is getting old before our eyes and everybody seems to be a competitor. Palm didn't care about their customer base and now their customers don't care about palm. In this world when you find a business that treats you good its so rare that you become loyal. I love my palm7's but palm doen't love me and they need me. Cell phones do everything my palm does and more and cheaper. My palm7 needs new batteries every week. The Palm really gave me freedom as far as quotes and doing anything I wanted in a pinch. On the golf course I bought and sold. From any where I cold send and receive email. I'm not saying it wasn't tuff and tedious to do these things but they could be done and I was thrilled. Will somebody buy Palm and will the price spike? 10,000 words to make a four word point. Take a chipping lesson, you can't lose. Like betting the Titanic is going down.
      Something I really like an old Franklin spelling ace that I stole from my brother. His beer taste better then mine too.

    • it was a par 68 course and i made the putts on the back nine when I had to...

      I may be wrong but I think fbce is topping...but I was so right in buying csco and palm on friday...

    • You broke a 100, what was the difference today that allowed you do this? Did you play smarter hit the ball better or was your short game better? I'm very happy with the positions I have, DIOD, FBCE, INOD, CORL all have a modest profits. I would be worried if I was shorting FBCE. A lot of shorts got burned today, smart ones are probably going long.
      good luck

    • I'm entertained by the rookies you stir up. I'm convinced the root of all evil is volume. Do you study the volume on these stocks and is there anything to be gleaned? Or is it like everything else, easily explained a day late. Have you looked at INOD, I'm happy with that one too. You know I learned about both FBCE and INOD from you and r4r4 and stockvictor. USLB picked up 3 or 4 new contracts it should be moving up. The more USLB goes down the more I want to buy it.
      good luck

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