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  • tigersfirstwhore tigersfirstwhore Jun 5, 2012 11:35 AM Flag

    Lockup ends 6 days & Below $22 IPO

    Next Tuesday al the stock that was locked up for six months comes freely tradable!

    22mm soon to be free tradable shrs. CEO Tony Sanchez controls proabaly not a seller. But the other 30+ partners in the L.P. control the ~16.8mm, this partnership was set up as a pass thru, each partner has their stock in hand, and could ell at any time after next Monday.

    Look out below!!!!

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    • Aurora is wildly overvalued, pure and simple.

    • Looks like you were a week ahead of yourself, they sau distribute them on or about the 19th today.

      Good lord 22 million shares, hope they want to hold tight.

    • I don't see any abnormal volume in the stock. In fact, the short sellers may get squeezed here!

    • Well I guess little Tony didnt do a very good job then, some people are going to sell regadless if they are up or down on the investment, you get locked up for years and you have liquidity suddenly a certain percentage of people always take it.

    • You never answered why you think there is such a rush to the exit by existing LP's to take a loss on this stock now and why you think "each partner has their stock in hand"?
      Clearly you are speculating on your "look out below" comment with no basis in fact.

    • I see this is your first rodeo with 144a stock. This stock cannot be sold until applicable registrations are in place. Are you suggesting that SN management was so brazen as to send restricted shares out to partners prior to the 144a period expiring?? Assuming SN sends out shares tommorrow, it will take weeks for any shareholder to get good form. On top of that you assume that today's price is a catalyst for bailing out.
      Judging from your posts on other sites you revel in bashing so it comes as no surprise here.
      Given your familiarity with the 30+ LP makeup, are you suggesting these partners are willing to bail at losses given the initial Eagle Ford results? Your post is 5 days late given the all time high last week. If the stock goes lower from Monday you can rest assured it was not from LP selling as you suggest but thanks for playing anyway.

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      • Hilarious, you come here and claim this is my "first rodeo with 144a stock".

        Here is an example of your incredible ignorance of ths situation, "was so brazen as to send restricted shares out to partners prior to the 144a period expiring?? " If it is NOT in street name, the legend is on the back of the certificate. After six months the legend is no longer applicable and can be sold immediately but you have to deal with the cert. Most sophisticated investors have it in street name anyway. If it is in street name, same situation only own doesn't have possession of the cert but the broker does and again, immediately the stock can be sold, that very day after the 6 month period is over.

        Got it now? Do your homework before you spout off about others not knowing when you have no idea wth you are babbbling about.

        Try again chump.

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