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  • d_max95 d_max95 Jan 21, 2011 8:32 AM Flag

    The Top is Today

    Be aware of the top for the near term is in. Watch today as this opens higher and closes at 85 and change. They don't ring a bell at tops or bottoms, but today feels like the day that starts the pullback. Look to exit today with a chance to buy in back in the 70's. Good luck

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    • Where is D_MAX and Every Fox? These shorties have seemed to disappear after their predictions were losers...they con't seem to come around as much these days!! I sure miss them!

    • I'm sorry Everfoxy, but please be assured that I DON'T mind being "smug," as you say, to someone who comes on these boards and acts like they are all knowing, as D-Max did, and then continues to talk to posters as if they are a step child of his. No mam, I don't mind being "smug" to these folks like D_max at fact I reiterate - where is old D_max - he don't seem to come around much anymore does he?

    • I've learned not to be smug because a stock's price can "turn on a dime."

    • I miss D_Max who was predicting the high to be $87 with a slide back to the $70' was he ever wrong or what? Poor D_Max - he doesn't come around very much these days!!

    • Re: sitting with stocks or cash, it's not an either or situation, IMHO. You can lighten up without being out of stocks. If you understand the oil sector, good. I'd recommend that you stay away from certain stocks such as AMZN on the long side. But some people will disagree with that and I won't go into detail and I won't respond to people (not you) eager to criticize others' positions.

      Good luck on your SLB long, whether you choose to sell, lighten up, or hold.

    • No. I was short and covered on the dip below 86. I covered a few cents under 86 and didn't go long or short after that. I also close out a put position (Feb85's) on Friday. I was just looking at SLB, but don't expect to take a position in it today. I was paying attention to my tech positions. There seems to be too much euphoria about oil at the moment, but IMHO this isn't the time to go long or short oil stocks. It's possible that this 50% retracement of the stock selloff on Friday is as high as the S & P 500 will go before resuming its selloff. Though I am short some tech stocks and have taken profits on some positions, I'm not convinced of oil in either direction.

    • this going to 100 very soon.

    • Opps, you left early and left a lot on the table. SLB will be breaking 100 by June.

    • Hey "Buddy"...just a quick note to say that I am glad I didn't listen to your arrogant bullsh*t, about how you know how to read charts, blah, blah, blah, or I would have been sitting on the sideline waiting for the $70's to come along....Why don't you do us all a favor and give up giving advice you freakin MORON!

      Your "so called" friend,
      Who isn't afraid to call someone like you a freakin FRAUD!

    • I appreciate your checking on how I feel but to be honest with you, you don't have to check with me....I am just fine with my investment in SLB, and I am confident in my strategy. Regarding your advice; to follow your lead and sell at the HOD and buy back when it hits the $70's (of course you will wait to tell us when to buy after the fact because that is how you roll...HA) thanks "buddy," for you see I read through your recent post and saw that call you made on Gold on Jan 5 - how is that wrong call working for you?

      No sir, you see I am going to call you a fraud - one of those types post their "investment prowress" on Yahoo message boards, the type that always sells at the HOD and times the bottom perfectly (a real arm chair quarterback - ALl PRO)....I'm surprised Goldman Sachs hasn't already called you with a job offer - but I am sure you keep turning them down dont you!

      Thanks again for keeping me humored today and have a good weekend!

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