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  • optiontrader99 optiontrader99 Jan 24, 2012 7:44 PM Flag

    Breakout Is Confirmed!!!!

    50MV trending higher. Big move on 2x plus volume. Resistance at 77-78 then its clear sailing to 80+. Where's that idiot who said it was going to 35? Why is it that these bleeps write BS with no factual data to support their thesis then go run for cover. At least offer up an argument as to why you think it is going to 35 instead of writing timber......I did offer him one of my books, ahahahaha

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    • February 6, 2012
      Schlumberger (SLB.N)
      Research Tactical Idea
      We believe the share price will rise in absolute terms over the next 60 days.
      We expect increased international demand coupled with higher pricing on technology-intensive services to continue to
      drive strong performance and we expect additional positive commentary on international pricing at upcoming conferences
      and bus tours to act as a catalyst for the stock. SLB has the greatest international exposure of its peers and has guided
      the international rig count to come in 10% higher in 2012 vs. 2011, driven by higher intensity offshore activity. SLB is also
      significantly less exposed to US natural gas headwinds and has more opportunities to shift capacity to international
      We estimate that there is about a 60% to 70% or "likely" probability for the scenario.
      Estimated probabilities are illustrative and assigned subjectively based on our assessment of the likelihood of the
      Stock Rating: Overweight
      Industry View: Attractive

    • Hey optiontrader...excellent post! I wait with Longs for the $80...hopefully soon! GOOOOOO SLB!!

    • The only breaking out is your thesis- are we watching the markets in the world and slb price.

      Actually I have more often than not offered a thesis behind my reasons - see past posts. I still maintain a lower price based on macro conditions.

      - gas is low and is not going up
      - europe is in denial; it is essentially bankrupt.
      - china/ind are slowing down
      - libya/iraq coming up.
      - straits of hormuz will not close down. Iran cannot rescue its sailors, and it thinks it can take US navy. Hardly !!

      In general, economic slowdown is happening. SLB may not go to 35 but it most likely will test 50-55.

      • 1 Reply to asifnzaidi
      • Your thesis is incorrect. In fact it makes no sense. Dont you think with SLB trading where it is with a great quarter and increased guidance with natural gas prices at historic lows. What happens when nat gas begins to spike? Like any other commodity it is cyclical. Just think what SLB will be worth. Even at these levels SLB is worth north of 80. Perhaps you should go long instead of shorting. Have you not learned your lesson?

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