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  • boofnicity boofnicity Apr 7, 2011 7:58 PM Flag

    We need a catalyst

    Or we will continue to circle the toilet bowl.....and on another note, what happened to Deegan? How about Mazzajohn? Anyone still long??? Ski? ANYONE!!!! This stock is pathetic.....big money is just afraid to pull the trigger (and Ishortyour whatever's fund has a healthy short position to beat the piss out of this thing at the slightest sign of an uptick IMHO).

    Here's to you ishortyourwhatever: FOOOOOOOOOOOKKIING FOOOOOOONY!!!!! : )

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    • Strong Long Here !

    • What we need to see is a list of all these Chinese companies in question If Liwa is not on it that would be a stong catalyst

    • ishorturmom is either not short but unemployed with nothing better to do with his time or short a few hundred shares, i wouldn't worry about him.

      i am still long but share your annoyance in the lack of stock price action.

      This is a weeding out process for Chinese small cap companies. Many will not survive. The ones that do survive though, will get very good multiples as investors are always looking for growth, and china is the best play, by far.

      We don't need a great multiple, how about 10? A 10 times p/e for a liwa would get you to $30 based on next year's earnings, maybe higher if they keep buying back stock.

      So, as i have stated earlier, patience is the key here.

      Sometimes, you have to not watch the tape everyday, knowing that there is a great company here that is printing money every single day.

      Lihua's value will be recognized at some point, and when it is, this stock will run like crazy.

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      • Covered and went long today. Michael, just look at LIWA's chart and it's easy to see who the loser is. call me whatever you want, fact is, i'm 6k richer than 2 weeks ago. not a whole lot of money, but it sure beats the heck out of the "profit" you are making on LIWA. call me names if it makes you feel better about your loss, but just remember this, whatever you call me, you are doing worse and thats FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKING FOOOOOONNNNNYYYYYYYY!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

      • I agree with your comments, hence my still being here.....the timing is always the tough part. That said, I feel like the guys in CCME thought the same way, as did those in RINO and so on. I keep asking myself, "what can this company do to differentiate itself?" I can only come up with a few things, some of which they have already done.

        - The buyback announcement was good, but I liked the initiation announcement more as it showed it is being implemented.
        - A management or director buy would be a show of faith, but none have stepped up to the plate except for option exercises.

        I think there is only one thing that might help at this point (besides a management buyout offer or buyout by a third party, but I really don't want to see that....we want to share in the upside, not be sold out at $10 and change or something). I would love to see a PR video....not some fake looking video, but a real video tour of the facilities, the actual manufacturing of product, maybe a CEO interview, and some other good information. It continues to bother me that I can't be a Buffet or some big time fund manager that can jump on a plane and check things out myself, so I want to see the place in action. I want to see how the buildout of the new facilities are going with my own eyes. I'm sure others would be interested as well.

        Look, based on what I read online, if CCME did this you might see a bunch of people texting with each other or sleeping on the job. I want to see Lihua doing what they do best.....making copper wire, loading it on a truck, and making $. While some of you might say this was done with the GH report, I will say I agree, and I think they did a wonderful job (especially quantifying the annualized output and such). The problem is, I think that for the time being their credibility is somewhat shot b/c of CCME. I want to see a video.....if done right, it should help dispel some of the fraud cloud overhanging this stock. Any thoughts from the board on this are appreciated. In the mean time, I continue to wonder, who is so anxious to sell down here, and better yet, why?