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  • ralphtillman ralphtillman Aug 1, 2011 1:57 PM Flag

    Absaroka Capital BS Report

    I read the Absaroka Capital report on LIWA. It is based on pure speculation and unsubstantiated assumptions. The writer of the article continually states he/she cant make heads or tails of the information they gathered therefore it must be FRAUD. Very sloppy work.


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    • The one point that there are two companies at the one address. Is what Liwa says. Two divisions.
      That there are family members working at a family company? Just like Ford and Walmart. They are reaching for their negatives. It makes me feel more like buying more.

    • Now I am not sure I am bullish on LIWA, but it is strange situation. If You try to understand what the company - Absaroka You will find other reports about fraud of chinese companies. Why Absaroka rate only in negative manner? Why it not rate the same Lihua earlier positevly or negatively - doesn't matter. And also strange - after all negative ratings by Absaroka stocks not at the ground now. Also the question if there is true that realy price of LIWA = 3$ - why it is not fall to 3$ today?

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