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  • mak424 mak424 Oct 5, 2012 10:26 AM Flag

    Just was introduced to this company on SVA board.

    Can anyone do a quick overview of why the company is trading at a 52 week low? Is the cash for real? SVA is really breaking out now and I am looking for me next potential micro cap Chinese company to play

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    • tdcburns Oct 5, 2012 7:46 PM Flag

      What was said about LIWA over on the SVA board?

    • elpasojet Oct 5, 2012 2:19 PM Flag

      I used to own SVA around $7 & sold on news for $9 back in 2009. Problem with SVA is state control on pricing, profit margin is low, limited upside potential.

    • tdcburns Oct 5, 2012 12:42 PM Flag

      LIWA is real and legit and the cash is real and legit and LIWA is generating about $15-20M cash every quarter on top of the $125M currently in cash. LIWA has had several 3rd party audits and Forensic proving financials.

      LIWA's extrememly strong and growing fundamentals and very Robust growth say LIWA is a $20 stock not $3. The problem is no big money is touching Chinese US listed companies and why the remaining ones are undervalued by 5-10 times no matter how great the companies are. This is why many it this space are just going private on the cheap or merging.

      Regardless of the China slowdown LIWA can barely keep up with the demand for their goods and why the 2 new smeltors that fired up in JUNE and all the capacity to double production was already pre-sold to an existing customer and why smeltors 5&6 or coming online 2013.

      Call it Politics at its best nobody know when things will change. LIWA and some other could skyrocket 100-200% in no time if things change.

      LIWA will continue to blow the roof off their numbers the next 3 Quarters and YOY numbers and that should continue the next several years just as the last 8 out 10 Q's numbers have been almost too goo to be true.

      Price has dropped from $13 to $3 while their Book Value has done just the opposite growing from about $2 to almost $9 and still grwoing. All the previous bogus hit pieces and short attacks beat LIWA to the dirt. 65% or 2M short shares have covered in the last 18 months and they continue to cover as all their misleading and false claims have all been proven to not be true as LIWA is a real and legit very well respected company in the chinese community.

      Go to there website and view the lastes Sept. 2012 investors Presentation.

      I have been long in LIWA for almost 3 years and wish I would have been short. CEO and mgmt has said many times they care about their valued shareholders and proving value to them. They have also said LIWA stock price is accurately refecting LIWA's current and future strengths. The first time they said that was early 2011 at $9. They did partial buyback that averaged in at $8.05. They did two rounds of special dividends. Nothing has helped the stock price as no big money will touch this chinese space no matter how great and how much potential upside. Why I have no idea and just keep hoping some day things will change.

    • The cash seems to be very real, but Chinese money. Seems to be very neglected and abandoned by everyone except for a large block a few days ago. Needs a video of the plant in operation on Youtube.
      A low cost ($66) amateur production would do to give a far away entity some reality.

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